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Hello, Thank you both for your answers. What do you think of this scenario: I have an external view and i add those users to some bps groups depeding on a value. It takes some seconds to execute. Is there a problem to delete those entries to free up space? I literally don’t need it. And w

Hello, I have a question regarding: Global action -> On start (cyclical). If I create an automation that runs every minute (infinitely) - for example: syncing users from another external database to the local BPS groups. From your experience, do you see any concerns or risks? Are these runs s

Hotmailbox issue
12.02.2024 09:09

Hello, I have changed to multiple lines of text and some e-mails are processing ok now, but still i have some issues. Could you please provide more specific guidance on where to check for attachments? Thank you! In System Settings - Attachments - there is "No limit".

Hotmailbox issue
09.02.2024 16:08

Hello, I've developed a process (start - finish). In the System Settings, I've configured a HotMailbox using Microsoft Graph, specifying a user mailbox, and the connection is OK. The issue I'm encountering is that 90% of emails are returning a validation error and the workflow is not starti

Application templates free
09.02.2024 09:40

Hello, I would like to import some templates in my environment but i have version 2023_1_2 and i get this error: Incorrect branch number of application's database. Application has been exported in version 2023_1_3, currently installed version 2023_1_2. You can not import applications from older

Upload to Sharepoint Graph
18.01.2024 08:04

I have deleted that Authorization header and it is working...a lil bit weird..anyway.. thank you!

Upload to Sharepoint Graph
17.01.2024 08:36

Hello, I have an application that creates a folder within a document library on SharePoint and needs to upload files to the newly created folder. I am encountering difficulties in uploading the file to SharePoint using the REST action with the Graph API. I get this error: "Invoke REST Web

Rest service save response
15.01.2024 18:40

Hello. I have a "Invoke REST Web Service" GET action. I would like to save a part from response to a field, more specifically an ID. I have tried multiples methods, but i did not success... This is my response. How can i save the "value/listItem/id" to a field? (id=318) { "@odata.con

Calculated column report
21.12.2023 08:41

Can you help with an example, please?

Calculated column report
18.12.2023 14:45

Hello, I have an equipment initialization process (1) , followed by another process of allocating this equipment to a user (2). I have created a Report - "Equipment allocation" and I want to add a calculated column to this report that brings in the "Series" of the equipment from the Initializa

HTML field - StartElement
07.12.2023 15:05

Hello, I have 4 HTML fields (Categories) and one Choice field (Projects), and I would like to place some hyperlinks on HTML fields that start a new instance. Can I set 'StartElement' function on this HTML field so it can define other parameters that should auto-fill in the instance? For exam

Choice field multiple values
07.12.2023 11:23

Thank you very much to both of you!!

Choice field multiple values
07.12.2023 10:26

I have created a DB with the following query: select dbo.ClearWFElemID(WFD_AttChoose1) as CategoryIDs, wfd_id as id from wfelements and it is returning only the first ID from my Choice field-multiple values.

Choice field multiple values
07.12.2023 09:26

Hello, I have created a Choice field that allows multiple values. I noticed that the 'wfd_attchoose' column saves both the ID and Name, while the 'wfd_attchoose1_id' column only stores the first ID. I am wondering why I cannot see all the IDs and how I can extract each value individually.

Upload to Sharepoint
21.11.2023 10:13

Hello, I have an application where users attach documents, and I want these documents to be uploaded to SharePoint. Additionally, I would like to create a dedicated folder for each set of attached documents on the current instance. However, I haven't found a specific action to achieve this. Can

Issue - Start a subworkflow
15.11.2023 16:31

Hello, We have 3 environments (DEV - TEST - PROD). We have noticed that in TEST environment the action "Start a subworkflow" does not have the option "Set form field data before defaults evaluation (compatibility mode)" set to visible. In DEV and PROD this option is visible. I attached some sc

Grant privilege on instance
09.11.2023 14:45

Hello, I am trying to call this API so i can grant "readonly" privilege to a group on a instance. /api/data/v4.0/db/{dbid}/elements/{id}/admin/privileges I have added App.Elements.Admin.All permission. But i get error: Invoke REST Web service - Request Url: https://domain/api/data/v4.0/d

Privileges to app
03.11.2023 13:55

Hello, Is there a possibility to implement an automation mechanism for granting application privileges, such as the "Metadata access", "Access all workflow instances" permissions etc? I have created a Global action - On start (cyclical) that is creating a group and adding a user to that group, b

Dictionary duplicates
27.09.2023 14:13

Hi, Could you please help by providing some guidance / documentation regarding on how to avoid duplicates in a Dictionary process? (adding from New button and import from excel) Thanks.

14.09.2023 09:57

Hello, Can someone help with some guidelines of how i can see assigned licenses for users and designer studio? I just see the total number of licenses and the remaining licenses, but i would like to see also to whom is that licenses is assigned. Is that possible? Thank you