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We've set up an environment without integrated authentication to the sql server. The customer's IT does not allow integrated authentication for SQL server. As long as you connect via Rest API version of the Designer Studio (the one you start via WEBCON BPS Portal), there should be no issue, because

It would be great having an additional field "Description" for local groups.

We are sending out email and need to know whether the email had been delivered or not. When sending a custom email the "Delivery notification" and "Read notification" can be set. How do the interact with WEBCON BPS or better say, how can i check for the delivery/read notification?

There are indeed customers out there, who would like to use DevOps for deployments. We are currently taking part at a tender, where they also ask for Azure DevOps integration.

Workflow preview generation
02.10.2021 01:21

I would appreciate an improvement of the generated preview. Maybe it should be considered to create a vector based image, e.g. svg, so the user has the possibility to zoom-in when required.

Did you check the properties in SharePoint? In my experience an uploaded document is being checked-out when required metadata is missing.

We created a support ticket as it made the appearance that there was a change in the filtering behavior. In our case we had quite a large list, which would return way more than one hundred distinct values. In our findings we have seen, that whilst entering the filter value, no more queries are bei

Reports have a nice feature, which forces people to submit a search before showing results. However it is possible to submit the search without entering anything. So all result would be returned. It would be a great feature to configure a minimal amount of letter to enter before being able to subm

In my cases, the source data for the initial form data of subworkflows started via SQL, is usually kept in an itemslist. I'm storing the row-id (DET_ID) in a technical field of the subworkflow. When the subworkflow has been started, i'm writing the workflow-id back to the itemslist row. The write-ba

Often there are scenarios, where the length of a text input field should be limited. This can basically done by means of a regular expression. However, this would still allow the user, to enter more than the allowed characters. It would be great, to have a property in the configuration section to l

The absence chart lacks to possibility to save personal views as it is possible for normal reports. Only Administrators can add and modify views via the configuration menu. For absence charts the same options from modifying views should be possible as for other reports.

Hi Daniel This is an interesting approach, I did not think about this. But you might be right with your concern about the send e-mail action. Will see, what is easier to implement.

I have the scenario, where i keep e-mail address and other informations in an itemlist. Now i need to send e-mails for each recipient in the itemlist. The e-mail contains informations from other columns in this list. By having three entries in the itemlist, there would be three e-mails with differ

Thinking about, there is the option to add the file via Rest API....

We have a supporting workflow which is being started via hot-folder. The name of the attached file is then being analysed (we have a naming convention) and based on the attributes we want to move the file to a target workflow elements. Is there a way to do this via standard actions? I've struggled

Hi Pawel We tried the settings according the article describing ssl offloading. This setting works perfect, when both, http and https protocol, are enabled on the load balancer. However, the customers governance does not allow to enable http on the load balancer, it must be https. Because Desig

Interesting and good to know that we are not the only one facing this problem. I opened two cases at the support portal, but up to now there is no solution. We have a customer, who's using a load balancer as reverse proxy which is routing the https url to the IIS in the back end. The url in the bac

Was thinking if it were a good idea to have the possibility to assign groups to an application. Very similar to the "Connections" and "Data Sources" tab. Those groups should be manageable by the application administrators.

We took the same approach as Daniel, adding a html field to the from. Looks similar to Daniels suggestion and it is working too. We had to try and error with the pixels. .modal-content { max-height: 680px !important; } .modal-content section { max-height: 530px !important; }

What about a java-script action like OpenElement or StartElement to open a document in a new dialog?