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(...) the command: PS C:StartBPS> gulp serve   A default web browser will open in the system and a message about consent to run the scripts will be displayed. Confirm the “Load debug scripts” message. The “Command One” and “Command Two” commands generated in the template will be displayed on the SharePoint list indicated by us in the configuration (...)

(...) BPS 2021 introduces the mechanism of diagnostics and recording the behavior of the form and other elements of WEBCON BPS Portal. This mode is a successor to the old debug mode which was used to track all modifications that impact the visual layer.  This functionality toggles a diagnostic mode in WEBCON BPS Portal, which registers all invocations on t (...)

(...) nchronization accordingly to the current configuration. It is important to save the configuration before the manual start of the synchronization. Options “Incremental synchronization – debug” and “Full synchronization – debug” allow starting synchronization with an expanded data logging. debug mode allows for an accurate analysis of all synchronization steps and s (...)

(...) l be executed. Make sure that the default schema is dbo. If this is a different schema new objects may be created using this schema. This may lead to unexpected errors later on which will be hard to debug. Here's a little script to change it. SELECT name AS [Name], SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id) AS schema_name, type_desc, create_date, modify_date, 'Alter schema dbo transfe (...)