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(...) .3.x and above; author: Józef Cyran   Introduction The item list is frequently used to store any number of data rows as opposed to other form fields. This functionality makes the Actions executed on the item list differ from the standard form field configuration.   Business case: Personnel planning for a project This article describes the operation of the item list and (...)

(...) ses that allow you to pay for meals with money previously paid into your personal account. [LT Account] – a dictionary that stores information about an employee’s account [LT TransActions ] – a dictionary that stores information about carried out transActions , it is divided into four types of forms corresponding to four types of transActions which can be done on a given account: (...)

(...) thor: Tomasz Słuszniak   WEBCON BPS allows you to start workflows in several ways. In addition to a manual start by the user, instances can also be launched by the system using dedicated Actions .   The “Start a subworkflow” action The action allows you to start a workflow within the same application. By using them you can start only one workflow instance – in (...)

(...) applications due to creating/moving multiple workflow instances at the same time. The speed of creating/updating sub-workflows depends on many factors such as the type of the form, the amount of data/Actions /rules, the speed of response from external sources, server load or overall performance. When trying to update tens of sub-workflows the maximum execution time (timeout) may be exceeded. The case b (...)

(...) Applies to version 2019.1; author: Kinga Bożęcka   Introduction Mass Actions allow you to go through the path (and execute the Actions that are on it e.g. starting sub-workflows) for many instances at the same time. The article describes the configuration of this action and two examples of use.     Fig. 1. The example process   Fig. 2. The form   (...)

Applies to version 2019.3.x.; author: Kinga Bożęcka   In WEBCON BPS there is the ability of creating a dedicated SDK plugin. For example, these can be dedicated plugins: Converting  PDF to jpg/jpeg/png format Merging several PDFs into one Generating Excel based on the SQL query Creating/deleting SharePoint groups based on the query Changing the form type Settlement

(...) ies to version 2019.1; author: Konrad Wojtycza   Introduction The article describes the use of “Change value single field” and “Change values of multiple fields” Actions on the example of the business scenario of the settlement of business trips. These Actions allow you to update the value of the single form field or many form fields at the same time based on: (...)

(...) action, with the final result determined by the mode chosen by the configurator. However, version 2023 R3 introduced significant changes to this area, with the existing action updated and additional Actions on the Item list added. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the available Actions on the Item list, outlining their respective functions and highlighting the differences in oper (...)

(...) On reports we have the great possibility to execute mass Actions by passing in some parameters. It would be a great having a similar kind of dialog menu action, where we can configure some informational text (e.g. as header/footer) and of course one or more fields as parameter. The configured parameters we then can use to execute an action. The dialog could contain a cancel and a okay

Hello together, I try to implement an CustomAction with Syncfusion. Now when I want to start my workflow I always get an error message that the file is missing. The photo of the fault is in the attachment. Has someone experience with this or knows how this must be implemented? In VS I installed the Syncfusion nugget, I can compile the project without problems. Thank you very much.

We are going for NIST 800-171 / CMMC compliance and we will have contracts with CUI data potentially stored in WebCon flows via attachments. Because of this we need to be able to trace every single action a user takes and log it. Uploading attachments, accessing, deleting, updating, etc.... Is this possible with WebCon? Does it have the ability to send access logs to a SIEM?

(...) Hi everyone, I just stumbled about an action which executions hasn't been logged. The reason is simple, the according checkbox wasn't ticked. If you want to verify that all you Actions are logged you can run this SQL statement. It displays all Actions which aren't logged. Maybe for a reason or due to some misconfiguration: SELECT AGR_Name, APP_Name, DEF_Name, WF_Name, STP_Name, ACT_Name FROM [d (...)

Hello all, Hope you're doing great! Does anyone know how to configure a query which will return where a specific user was set in any action? I'm using this article https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/checking-user-and-group-privileges/258/3 but I want to also check where for example the user is hard coded for the Task Assignment for example. Hope you got ideas! Thank you

(...) A feature we think will save a lot of time for our developers would be the ability to double click the on the usages Actions and open those Actions in a popup. All kind of ussages (Fields, Busines entities and so on...).

(...) Hello, after changing the connection type for exchange Actions from EWS Basic to MS Graph, I lost the ability to format body text in html in exchange calendar events. Problem observed in version 2022.1.4.84. Manual update with Graph works fine, however, calling it from the built-in action, there is some conversion to body content applied here - please return us the ability to format body in html :)

(...) Hi, I have one Form with Two lists: 1 List is "ContactPersons" > here is List of persons with column like: Name(R), FirstName(R), email(R), mobile(R), etc. 2 List "Actions " > here is list of Actions with reference(choosen field) in one column to ContactPersons (Name column) How to do If I am in Popup adding new Action to "Actions List" and I need to add new item to ContactPerson: There is smt (...)

(...) MassActions in reports are quite usefull, but they only support path transitions. There are cases, where you would like to apply changes to workflow elements which are in different steps. For those cases i would be great having the option to just update the element rather than moving to another step. Background of this idea is a potentially new customer where we have to replace their current mas (...)

(...) Hi, i've updated to 2022.1.4.155 and now I can't use the Active Directory Actions . Same error on add group/user and delete group/user. Where I can register this service? There is no comment in last release notes or install guide. My last working version is 2022.1.4.84. BTW: The new feature to add error codes to interrupt user synchronization isn't visible... Thanks and best regards Daniel

(...) I was searching for some information about the "REMOVE PERSONAL DATA" action, but WEBCON does not have a vaild link anymore: INTRODUCTION TO Actions IN WEBCON BPS https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/introduction-to-Actions -in-webcon-bps/172 -> Remove personal data [ http://howto.webcon.com/gdpr-personal-data-administration-process/ ] -> File not found I didn't check the other links. (...)