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(...) ocs according to this: https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/docusign-digital-signatures-in-webcon-bps/36 I do get the following error(s): WebCon.WorkFlow.Model.Common.WorkFlowException: Plugin 13 load error.: Object reference not set to an instance of an object., at WebCon.WorkFlow.BusinessLogic.DataHelpers.SDK.SDKPlugin sActivator.CreatePlugin Instance[T](Int32 Plugin ID), at System.Env (...)

(...) have problems with the different runtime environments of the WBCON Workflow Service (under .NET Framework) and the WEBCON BPS Portal (under .NET Core) and System.Data.ODBC. I have developed an SDK Plugin that integrates the NuGet package System.Data.ODBC to access ODBC data sources. The target runtime environment of the Plugin package is .NET Standard 2.0, so that the Plugin s can be executed both (...)

(...) kFlow.SDK.Documents.Model.NewDocumentData.get_TextFields()'. System.MissingMethodException at WebCon.SRC.CustomActions.ADEmployeeSID.Run(RunCustomActionParams args) at WebCon.WorkFlow.SDK.ActionPlugin s.CustomAction`1.WebCon.WorkFlow.SDK.Interfaces.ActionPlugin s.ICustomAction.Run(IRunCustomActionParams parms) at WebCon.WorkFlow.Base.DataHelpers.SDK.SDKPlugin Logger.ExecuteWithLogs(Action action, Bo (...)

(...) : [code][/code] or [code="SQL"][/code] using code wil help read code - see attachment [quote][/quote] or [quote="name"] [/quote] [B][/B] - bold [i][/i] - italic ect. then is nice to use FF Plugin or type tags ...

(...) I already posted my idea in 2022 (26.09.2022: https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/2230), but i have a new project in August, where such a feature would be nice. I have some ideas for a Plugin (as far as I remeber, a problem is the DPI from the Signature field being higher than of picture fields) -> Wouldn't that be a nice new feature? 26.09.2022: ======== Hello WEBCON, we are working on (...)

(...) an application on process level this is still limited and makes the automations less readable while the option to send a mail with a task can not bused at all. My suggestion would be to provide an Plugin /extension for the existing "send mail actions". Provided options of the Plugin : - Current information of the context like, process, workflow instance, recipients, settings etc. Basically everythin (...)

(...) Hi, does someone of you use a FormFieldExtensionJS for a multiline text field? We used this one to store a JSON as a string and in 2023.1.3 the Plugin no longer works. I haven't checked the WEBCON BPS JS code in 2023.1.2 but in the new version: 1. the change function in the Plugin triggers controller.change 2. this calls validateCCValueModel 3. Since the hasCustomModel is undefined 4. The de (...)