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The „Analysis” tab available in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio allows you to see the time of the instances being in a given step and the time of their edition at individual steps. You can also set the planned time of editing an element and the time in which the element should be in a given step. It allows you to check if individual people with the assigned task do not hold it longer than they should, or if the form is created in non-intuitive manner, which will result in a longer than the assumed time of editing. This article describes the analysis functionality in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio 2020. The analysis of statistical data at individual steps allows you to draw conclusions that can improve the efficiency of business processes. Examples of observations may concern e.g. finding places where editing the form is more time-consuming than expected.

SDK actions

In WEBCON BPS there is the ability of creating a dedicated SDK plugin. For example, these can be dedicated plugins: converting PDF to jpg/jpeg/png format, merging several PDFs into one, generating Excel based on the SQL query, creating/deleting SharePoint groups based on the query, changing the form type, settlement of business trips. To upload a plugin package to Designer Studio you need go to the Plugin packages section, click “New package", use the „Upload” button to indicate the plugin location - the name is automatically set.

There are situations in which, after going through a path, you will need to go back to one of the previous steps of the workflow e.g. when the form has been incorrectly completed or you forgot to add an attachment to the instance. The article describes two basic configuration methods: Moving back an instance to the defined step and Moving back an instance to the previous step using the “Back to the previous step” predefined option. Using using more advanced types of configuration e.g. using the system step where, on the appropriate condition, the instance moves back to the defined step – you can create intricate combinations specifically tailored to your scenario.