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Version 2021 has introduced a new feature for the environments in which there are many different people creating and modifying applications and processes. Now, you can define dedicated connections and data sources for your applications which should simplify the administration work. You will also avoid situations in which a person using a data source in one application modifies it without knowing that it may affect another application that also uses the same source.

The WEBCON BPS system enables the synchronization of exchange rates. The available sources of currency data are exchange rate tables provided by the National Bank of Poland, the European Central Bank, and the Central Bank of Russia. This article describes how to download and convert the rates provided by the European Central Bank (ECB). The table of exchange rates of the ECB returns the conversion rate of how many units of a given currency corresponds to the value of one euro. The article also shows how to convert the exchange rate on weekends (the ECB exchange rate table does not return values for weekends).

REST data sources

One of the functionalities significantly extending the potential of WEBCON BPS is the possibility of using the REST API interface. This article describes how to configure a data source based on information returned by the external services that provide their API. An example of using a REST data source can be a “Contractors” data source – connecting the source from an external system can keep the data up-to-date. Another example is the use of API provided by WEBCON BPS to display a data table based on a report from the Portal. The use of REST data sources may cause a break in the operation of the service prevents the use of the form.