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In version 2020, the ability to present absences of employees in the form of the Gantt chart has been added to the Modern form. Until now, this form field was available only on the SharePoint form. One of the examples is displaying the employee's approved leaves in the absence process, but there are more possibilities - the process described below allows you to manage employees from the level of the production line.

Choice field types

This article discusses the operating mode of the choice field type, types of choice fields in item lists (a.k.a. choice columns), the person type or group field type as well as the differences between form fields.

Thanks to the Chart type form field, you can graphically present data on the form simply and legibly. When you work with a large amount of data, it will be easier to present it in a visual form – it will significantly reduce the time spent on analyzing information. The article presents the configuration and method of data presentation. For the purposes of the article, a workflow including an employee satisfaction survey has been created.

Form rules for attachments in WEBCON BPS allow you to receive information about attachments added to the workflow instances, without the need to know the WFDataAttachments table structure and to use SQL queries. Form rules operating on attachments increase the wide range of form rules available for use in WEBCON BPS and allow for easier retrieval of information about attachments from the form level, without the need to know the WFDataAttachmets table, which stores information about attachments. Rules will be presented using the “Change value of single field” action which has been configured for each rule separately.

Electronic documents often contain barcodes that allow you to find the appropriate document in the system using a barcode scanner. The “Read a barcode” action is used to decrypt information saved in the barcode and transfer it to the WEBCON BPS form. The action supports a wide range of numeric and alphanumerical barcode standards such as Code 128, EAN-13, QR Code, UPC-E. The “Read a barcode” action allows you to read the barcode content from the attachment added to the process instance and enter it on the form. The wide range of barcode standards supported by the action makes it a universal tool.

WEBCON BPS 2021 introduces the new SELECT VALUES function that allows you to retrieve data from a selected item list column. This function enables saving data from all rows of a given column in a form field indicated in the configuration. Data are saved as a collection separated by semicolons. The function ignores empty values. In this article, we will copy values from the item list to the “Approvers to notify” form field. In this field, we select people who will receive a notification about an instance to be approved.

The “Item list” form field is used to store any number of data rows organized into columns. In business practice, there is a need for the item list to be updated based on the values from other elements or updated automatically, and a user cannot edit it. For this purpose, you can use the “Change items list values” action which will be presented in this article based on the simple “Invoice approval” workflow. The "Change items list values" action is a useful tool that allows you to edit the value of the item list. The available three modes of this action provide full possibilities of automatic and configurable modification of the item list, without the participation of the user filling out the form.

In the 2021 WEBCON BPS version, business rules were added that make it easier to work with item lists and allow you to color and dynamic style modification of the selected cells. The coloring of the item lists is shown on the example of a process for handling orders in a restaurant. The process has two form fields – Total number of orders and Orders – delivered, and one item list – Orders (that contains all orders). For each order, the Status field is set that informs the employee about the current status of the order.

WEBCON BPS 2021 introduces the ability to invoke an external tool for editing PDF files directly from the form. Therefore, it is now possible to use a digital signature on a document without having to follow the path on the form. This is a very big facilitation that significantly improves the efficiency of processes. In this article, the functionality is tested on Google Chrome version 88.0.4324.104.

WEBCON BPS 2021 introduces new functionality of grouping rows of item lists. Now, users can collapse and expand groups and display subtotals when the column has been configured to display totals. This article describes how to configure and use this option on an example of a simple subscription management workflow. The subscription management process contains the “Subscription administrator” and “Financial administrator” form fields, and the item list with the following fields: Client, Product, Payment status, Subscription status, Date of reneval. The “Product” column contains information about programs/services subscribed by a client.