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The “Item list” form field is used to store any number of data rows organized into columns. In business practice, there is a need for the item list to be updated based on the values from other elements or updated automatically, and a user cannot edit it. For this purpose, you can use the “Change items list values” action which will be presented in this article based on the simple “Invoice approval” workflow. The "Change items list values" action is a useful tool that allows you to edit the value of the item list. The available three modes of this action provide full possibilities of automatic and configurable modification of the item list, without the participation of the user filling out the form.

In the 2021 WEBCON BPS version, business rules were added that make it easier to work with item lists and allow you to color and dynamic style modification of the selected cells. The coloring of the item lists is shown on the example of a process for handling orders in a restaurant. The process has two form fields – Total number of orders and Orders – delivered, and one item list – Orders (that contains all orders). For each order, the Status field is set that informs the employee about the current status of the order.

WEBCON BPS 2021 introduces the ability to invoke an external tool for editing PDF files directly from the form. Therefore, it is now possible to use a digital signature on a document without having to follow the path on the form. This is a very big facilitation that significantly improves the efficiency of processes. In this article, the functionality is tested on Google Chrome version 88.0.4324.104.

WEBCON BPS 2021 introduces new functionality of grouping rows of item lists. Now, users can collapse and expand groups and display subtotals when the column has been configured to display totals. This article describes how to configure and use this option on an example of a simple subscription management workflow. The subscription management process contains the “Subscription administrator” and “Financial administrator” form fields, and the item list with the following fields: Client, Product, Payment status, Subscription status, Date of reneval. The “Product” column contains information about programs/services subscribed by a client.

With the new configuration options introduced in version 2021, you can use prefix and suffix to enter the currency code or value. However, any information can be added there, allowing for interesting combinations and enhancing the form’s clarity. Read this article to learn how to use this functionality.


One of the WEBCON BPS basic features is pairing scanned documents with their electronic version (based on barcodes) and starting new workflows for files added to the configured folder – HotFolder. This article describes how to configure the HotFolder and check the service configuration. HotFolders enable the efficient implementation of many processes in the organization. If you have many different specialized applications, you can create many configurations of HotFolders to support them. By properly configuring network scanners, you can define what processes will be launched from which scanner code.

WEBCON BPS offers you the ability of importing data to the item list from an Excel file and exporting rows from the item list to an xlsx file. This article describes the configuration of importing/exporting data. Data import to the item list form field allows you to speed up the process of entering multiple data. The properly prepared data files from other systems allow you to store information in one application form. To enable import/export, go to the advanced configuration of the form field, and select the option in the “General” tab - Allow Excel export and Allow Excel import. When importing rows, not all imported fields need to be visible on the form. You can also import columns that are not visible at a given step.

To increase the ergonomics and readability of the form with a large number of rows in the item list form field, one of the options is to color every other row. WEBCON BPS has grayscale coloring enabled by default. You can personalize this color using the “For whole row” color mode. The alternative row coloring makes it easier to see an item list form field with multiple rows. Entering your own color allows you to use an additional personalization option for WEBCON BPS.

The "Hyperlink" action type enables you to place a button in the form bar. This button can be used to launch a specific WEBCON BPS workflow, which can be a sub workflow of the current Workflow. It can also link to other relevant information, e.g., documentation for the process or guidelines that should be taken into consideration before submitting the form.

The button can be available on all steps of the Workflow or just at the selected one(s). If it launches a sub workflow, it will be automatically connected to its parent instance, and you can pass values to initialize fields in the new instance.

Interested? Then continue reading to learn how to configure a button that starts a workflow from the form.

The “Multiple lines of text” form field allows you to add space to the form where more text can be saved. Depending on the configuration, this form field can be used as a text field with multiple lines of text or an advanced editor to store formatted text. One of the possible uses of this form field is creating simple communication between people using the application or collecting a lot of information in one place.

This article describes how the append mode works for a form field with multiple lines of text.