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WEBCON BPS compact forms adapt the application's main form to work on mobile devices and small screens. The compact appearance may differ from the main form in the layout, order of the fields, and other aspects. When you create an application with the main form on the WEBCON BPS platform, the system automatically creates its compact version. It can be used after pressing the Save button.

WEBCON BPS 2020 uses compact forms on mobile devices and in the element preview window.

This article describes compact forms and how to customize them.

A new WEBCON BPS 2020.1.3.213 version introduces many changes as well as a new way of operating mobile applications. After downloading the new version of the app to devices and updating the WEBCON BPS environment, the mobile applications will be launched in the new mode. The refreshed interface view helps introduce new users the mobile solution. Just like the browser version of WEBCON BPS, the mobile version is updated immediately and the mobile solution is ready to use parallel to the browser version..

The new version of WEBCON BPS mobile application for iOS offers the option of adding attachments. Until now, the files could be supported by adding photos saved in the gallery or loading a photo directly from the camera. The new version allows you to add the files directly from the applications such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud Drive by using the “Files” application (available from iOS 11). The article below describes how to connect files directly from the One Drive and Google Drive application.