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WEBCON BPS 2021 introduces the mechanism of diagnostics and recording the behavior of the form and other elements of WEBCON BPS Portal. This mode is a successor to the old Debug mode which was used to track all modifications that impact the visual layer. 

This functionality toggles a diagnostic mode in WEBCON BPS Portal, which registers all invocations on the form, i.e., form rules, JavaScript, editability, visibility restrictions, etc. (see full list below). Diagnostic mode is activated in the user menu by selecting the "Show diagnostics" option. All WEBCON BPS Portal users have access to it.

Thanks to this, finding the cause of an error or incompatibility in a process operation is faster and easier. Any user can record a session and forward it to the administrator. System Administrators and Application Administrators have full access to recorded sessions, which allows them to analyze the problem faster and more conveniently.