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Applies to version 2020.1.3; author: Michał Kastelik   Introduction It may be necessary to grant access to WEBCON BPS Portal and its processes to users from outside the organization. Such a user will most often not have an account in the organizational Active Directory (or in another user database). Examples of such situations are: processes of negotiating contracts with

(...) in version 2.0 which will be used in the examples below. Authentication API uses bearer token authentication. How can you get a token? You need to register the application in the admin panel (available only for the administrator of the default content database . The panel is available at: [Portal_address]/adminPanel.     Registering the application will genera (...)

(...) sp; Below in the window, there are buttons:   "Cancel session" - ends the session without saving it (only limited information about this session will be visible in the admin panel),  "Reset session" - clears all invocations made from the beginning of recording but does not end the session (the administrator will only have limited access to the part of da (...)