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(...) icon with the event preview   Fig. 6. The erorr description   Searching the error log content Copy the GUID of your error and select the “Action” -> “administration tool” in Designer Studio menu.   Fig. 7. administration tools   Select the “Log search (GUID)” option. From the “GUID” field copy the error identifi (...)

(...) ed in the database in the „WFActionExecutions” (previously WFLogs) table. Access to this table is obtained in the Server Management Studio or from the Designer Studio level in the “administration tools” tab.   Log review from the WEBCON BPS Designer Studio level At the top of the program interface select the “Tasks” tab and then the “administration tools&rdquo (...)

(...) er right corner – they are displayed when the system encounters a problem and the execution of any action fails. From version 2020.1.3.277 there is the ability of previewing error logs from the administration tools panel. But there is also the option to access to error logs from the level of the AdminWFEventLogs table in the configuration database (for users use the older versions).   Description (...)

(...) Applies to version 2020.1.3; author: Michał Kastelik   Introduction WEBCON BPS contains a built-in administration tool that allows you to quickly transfer or copy privileges from one user to another. This function can be used at the moment of changes in the structure of the organization or when delegating responsibilities to a new person in a given process.   Configuration Every user w (...)