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(...) ols sets differing in the number of formatting types selected. Fig. 3. The configuration of formatted editor type   Below, in the “Standard” tab there is the “append mode” which allows you to add a message below the text field with the date of saving and author’s comment. The entries added in this way cannot be edited later. The last option to select is (...)

(...) where formatted text is stored. The form field also has a useful feature that allows simple communication between people using the application, and storing information in one place. This function is append mode.   Enabling the append mode To enable the append mode for the Multiple lines of text form field, go to its Advanced configuration, then check the append mode box in the configuration wi (...)

Applies to version: 8.1.x and above, author: Martyna Kubiak   Functionality description With WEBCON BPS users can now create HotMailBoxes. A HotMailBox automatically starts workflows or adds files to them whenever an e-mail message is delivered to an inbox configured in it. A HotMailBox can operate in one of the following modes: “Start one workflow for each e-mail&r

(...) with a column CurrentRowValue, which was called "Source column" before. I added three rows. (1) I added a for each operator and in this operator I changed the value of two multi line fields one in append mode the other one in standard. The change is, that the value from (2) the current row is added to the existing value. Executing the actions results in the expected values (3), The values make up the (...)