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(...) CON BPS has introduced the BPS group mechanism that can replace SharePoint groups and allows you to easily manage and assign the privileges to system users. These groups can be used in Standalone and cloud installations. Until now, when transferring applications between DEV/TEST/PROD environments, the BPS group must be transferred manually e.g. created again on each of the environments. From version 20 (...)

(...) ing photos saved in the gallery or loading a photo directly from the camera. The new version allows you to add the files directly from the applications such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and icloud Drive by using the “Files” application (available from iOS 11). The article below describes how to connect files directly from the One Drive and Google Drive application.   (...)

(...) Applies to version 2019.1.3; Author: Łukasz Chechelski   1. Introduction WEBCON BPS 2019 introduces the ability to integrate with cloud services provided by Microsoft Azure. The growing popularity of Microsoft Azure has caused it to become a great alternative to the classical “On-Premises” installations that guarantee high availability of the service. This article will cove (...)

(...) N BPS service on multiple machines. Search service (SOLR) –  includes the ability to set up a cluster of Solr servers that combines fault tolerance and high availability. Called Solrcloud, these capabilities provide distributed indexing and search capabilities. (3 servers minimum) Depending on the equipment provider and t (...)

(...) es table from the content database. For the individual IDs the following table values are returned: 1 – BpsStudio 2 – BpsSharePointSolution 3 – BPSService 4 – BPScloudPortal WEL_Category – the category message ID from the log. To read the category name, use the DicLogCategories table from the content database (there are 39 message categories) WEL_Na (...)

(...) 3; author: Paweł Fijał   Introduction When creating the instance workflow in WEBCON BPS, they may be a situation where we would like the attachment added on the form to be stored in the cloud e.g. in OneDrive. People who are not taking part in the process will be able to access it. This article describes how to add attachments to OneDrive using the REST action. The simple workflow of (...)

(...) y advanced WEBCON BPS users. In the case of changing privileges, if you select Designer Studio administrator as the source user – they will also lose system privileges. When using WEBCON BPS cloud Platform, apart from assigning application privileges – you must also assign licenses to the user from the level of administration tools on the portal.

(...) chał Kastelik The WEBCON BPS platform has mechanisms for importing and exporting application templates between environments, e.g., test and production environment or WEBCON BPS On-Premises and the cloud Platform environment. One of the possible uses of this functionality is testing your application in the test environment, exporting the application template, and then importing it to the productio (...)

(...) ronized with that provider. After adding the user to the BPS users list, the system administrator must grant them access to the required application(s) and process(es). In the case of WEBCON BPS cloud, the administration panel is also used to manage user licenses.   Business case To explain how to use the BPS users list, we have created a simple “Purchase order” workflow (...)

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(...) s data. The Privacy Policy applies to mobile applications „WEBCON BPS 2019”, „WEBCON BPS”, applications: „WEBCON BPS Add-In for Outlook”  „WEBCON BPS cloud Portal for Teams”, service „WEBCON BPS cloud Platform” and websites owned and administrated by WEBCON: https://developer.webc (...)