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(...) Applies to version 2020.1.3; author: Michał Kastelik The WEBCON BPS program allows you to build advanced form templates. One of the features that can be especially useful is showing or hiding form field s depending on the value of another form field .  For example, you can decide that some fields won’t be shown on the form unless the user checks a field that makes them visible. Than (...)

(...) The structure of the form field s does not suit one specific step in a workflow. How could I rearrange the form field s for this one step?

(...) Hello folks, how is it possible to hide/show the Attachments form field they way every other form field can be hidden/shown via the style and behaviour Tab. I want to be able to show the Attachments field when some dropdown item is selected. Works perfectly for every other field (as shown in image) but I cannot target the Attachments field Where and how can I even configure the Attachments field? Best (...)

(...) Hello, I have a form that has a 5 steps. On each step I have a form field that has 4 options('statuses') : open,closed, opened-again, in-progess. I want to have the value open in first 3 steps, than on step 4 i want to have a status 'closed'. How do I make the step depend on the field?

(...) I need to find solution form the problem with some case in my organization – maybe you will help me to find the most effective way to do that? Case: Users: A, B, C, X Forms type: type1, type2 form field s: value1, value2 There are few forms (type1) which are filling by users (A, B, C) during the month (for example January). One of the form field (value1) on each forms (type1) should be automatica (...)

(...) Hi all! I want to hide / show / mark as required some form field s based on field Guid. Is there a way to do this easily? When I look at the signature of e.g. Hide function it just seems to take some shrinked DB name (e.g. AttText35) or field id (integer), which is different between environments. Appreciate any hint into right direction. Thanks in advance & best regards, Nik

WEBCON: Business Process Automation and Management as its best WEBCON develops the Low-Code Business Process Automation Platform, WEBCON BPS (Business Process Suite). This enterprise-grade system allows organizations to embrace digital transformation by digitalizing their workflows and building comprehensive, scalable, process-centric and future-proof applications applying t

(...) ployees about new tasks in WEBCON BPS system. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish from which process they were sent because they have the same sender address. In addition, they often contain all form field s from the form – even those that you would like to avoid being sent outside the system. In such cases, WEBCON BPS low-code platform offers two simple functionalities – the first one is de (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020.3.x and above; author: Józef Cyran   Introduction The item list is frequently used to store any number of data rows as opposed to other form field s. This functionality makes the actions executed on the item list differ from the standard form field configuration.   Business case: Personnel planning for a project This article describes the operation (...)

Applies to version: 2020.3.x and above; author: Paweł Fijał   Introduction Since the introduction of WEBCON BPS Portal, sometimes on the form or on Portal itself , it was possible to observe pop-ups that inform about the error and their identifier. But they very often did not give enough information, even after clicking the button to show details from the event preview. From ve

Applies to version: 2020.3.x and above; author: Agnieszka Burda   Introduction The following article is an extension of the Lunchtime article – see Lunchtime application The “Lunchtime” application has been enhanced with dictionary processes that allow you to pay for meals with money previously paid into your personal account. [LT Account] – a d

(...) ding data. In WEBCON BPS data from the select fields are saved in the “ID#Name” scheme – to display the only name you must add “N” before the tag. The code with added form field s look like this:   Fig. 14. Two tables in the HTML format   After adding code, you have already configured tables displaying your table and list:   Fig. 15. C (...)

(...) pe choice field configuration in the TASK workflow.   Fig. 4. The "Task type" field with example values from the data source   As ID in the “Task type” form field , you should use the instance ID that contains a group of tasks (Instance number).   Fig. 5. Process contant - Maximum number of tasks per person   A good practice is to use (...)

(...) s rule with the function of checking if a user belongs to a given group   After defining the business rule that returns TRUE or FALSE, create the form rule that will indicate the specified form field s only for the previously defined group of people. In the form rule definition section, refer to the business rule by typing their name.   Fig. 2. Form rule with the nested "User i (...)

(...) this workflow automation with WEBCON BPS.   Workflow diagram   Fig. 1. The magazine is available for editing only at the registration and opened step     form field s   Fig. 2. The total amount of products is set by form rules executed on value change   Fig. 3. The quantity of products is set by form rules executed on value chan (...)

(...) the invoice details and add the attachment. Then go through the “Register” path to the “Invoice description” step and describe the invoice by entering the invoice data in the form field s. To effectively complete the task on the step, it may be useful to preview the attached invoice on the form (the preview window may cover the form).   Configuration of the attachment p (...)

(...) rsion 2020. Along with each dictionary process, a predefined data source is created, which returns all instances of the dictionary which are marked as ‘active’ via an unremovable checkbox form field .  The data source configuration contains all form field s defined in the process and is updated whenever the configuration of the dictionary process changes. This process is created by using the (...)

(...) created:   Fig. 3. The signature workflow   On the form, the fields necessary for the correct operation of the workflow have been defined. Notice, that the “Technical form field s” group is visible only in admin mode – there are two technical fields that are an integral part of the process. Document external ID – this is a field where you will enter th (...)

Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Dawid Golonka   Introduction WEBCON BPS provides tools for visual modification of the end-user interface that goes with your system, like customizing the Portal interface theme to match your company’s colors, or inserting your own logo. In version 2020.1.3.277, the application color can now be selected from a color picker, inst

(...) define it as a constant in the process. Attachment selection – indicate: The method of attachment selection -> based on the attachment’s category or SQL query The technical form field s to which the attachments’ identifiers will be saved Message content – enter the title and content of the message sent with the attachment Recipients selection – in this secti (...)