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(...) I have a structure where a meeting (parent workflow) has many Agenda Points (Subworkflows). On each Agenda point, I have (inter alia) two fields that I would like to include in Meeting Minutes (an item list on Meeting), where each line item corresponds to one Agenda Point. When I finish an agenda point I would like to create a line item in the items list (meeting minutes). SELECT '{1805}' AS {DCNCOL:2 (...)

(...) Hello. I have a subworkflow here I copy the content of an item list of the parent WF (change item list values). That works fine, but the attachment I have in parent item list I don't get copied/moved/linked. Has anybody an idea? Kind regards Klaus

(...) Hi, When inserting an item list in a word template, the add-in asks for some columns configuration for the final table. Issue is that modifying "Display name" of a column of the item list is not visible in the final document, it is visible only in the template. The attachment document receives the original item list column name. The "Display name" set for an autogenerated column (like ID) works an (...)

(...) I have got: 1. proces with item list where: a) I set person (from AD) b) in item list in that proces I add competitions final I have got step finish - Person - item list what he/she can do. From that I created data sorce with columns, so i have multi rows: Person 1 = can do 1 Person 1 = can do 2 Person 2 = can do 1 Person 3 = can do 2 2. In other proces I have got attribute: a) item list (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020.3.x and above; author: Józef Cyran   Introduction The item list is frequently used to store any number of data rows as opposed to other form fields. This functionality makes the actions executed on the item list differ from the standard form field configuration.   Business case: Personnel planning for a project This article describes the operatio (...)

(...) rting a new "Payment" transation   In the “Data” tab, the SQL query has been created that prescribes the appropriate values from the “Today’s Order” item list where the “Pre-paid” field for the newly created transaction has been added.   Fig. 19. Starting a new "Payment" transaction   After the action is exec (...)

(...) above; author: Franciszek Sakławski   Introduction When creating the configurable e-mail templates there is the option to add fields from the form. This article describes how to add an item list and SQL data table fields.   Fig. 1. A list of fields available in the system   To enter these types of fields in the template is needed: Basic knowledge of HTML langu (...)

(...) The query counts how many users (Member) in the group are assigned to the given task category (Task type). Data are loaded from the WFElementDetails table, which stores all information entered to the item list – a list of members defined in the “Task Groups” process. In this table add filters for the values in the columns: DET_WFDID – ID of the instance where the item lis (...)

(...) th one step – there is no option to add more steps and transition paths You may decide how many steps and workflows the process will have The dictionary process does not support item list s, but the individual workflow instances can be launched and initialized using an Excel file added from the report level. Each data row from the Excel spreadsheet becomes a separate instance in the wo (...)

(...) Select the first option. The next section is “Recipients selection”.   Fig. 8. The configuration of the action for sending documents   In the “Signers item list ” field select the item list from which SDK should take data: Name – the name of the signed person E-mail – the e-mail address to which the link to sign the document is to be (...)

(...) ttachments’ identifiers will be saved Message content – enter the title and content of the message sent with the attachment Recipients selection – in this section indicate the item list from which the list of people that need to sign the document will be downloaded, and fill out the fields about SMS verification (it is required)   Fig. 5. The “SendEnvelo (...)

(...) e signed will be saved Signing URL – a column on the list of the signed people to which the Signing URLs of the signed people will be saved   e) Recipients selection Signer item list – a list of signed people, must contain columns with name and surname, e-mail address and phone numbers Issuing Country – country code of the signed people without using a Skribble acco (...)

(...) the particular information is displayed on the form. The article describes the WFElementDetails table.   Relations in the table The WFElementDetails table contains all rows from the item list including user input and system data. Each row is uniquely identified by using the unique ID (DET_ID). System data that are stored in the WFElementDetails table are e.g.: The date of inserti (...)

(...) gn will be saved.   Fig. 6. The configuration of the action   In the next fields, enter the title and content of the e-mail sent with the attachment, indicate columns of the item list where information about the document recipients is entered on the form. DocuSign allows you to send several documents to sign – they are sent as one envelope so all of them must be approved for (...)

(...) e query we will check if there is any record on our list of participants. If the training does not have any registered participants, the certificates generation does not make sense. Entries on the item list are in the WFElementDetails table and can be found by a DET_WFDID column storing an instance ID where the list locates. There is only one list type on this type of document, so we don’t have to (...)

(...) p; Fig. 7. The filter in the data row form field   Knowing of which companies are in arrears with payments, you can add these companies to the “Contractors with arrears” item list . A list consists of two columns – contractor name and their debt. The contractor is selected from the dictionary and the arrears column is a data row configured in the same way as it is shown i (...)

(...) “MissingPrefixSuffix”       }     ]   } } When creating a group, you can also define its members. We will use an item list form field for this, with which we select the employees and their roles. A list of group members sent to Microsoft Graph should look like this: “members@odata.bind”: [    (...)

Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Michał Kastelik   This article describes: How to start a WEBCON BPS workflow using advanced column formatting in the SharePoint library. How to download an attachment from a SharePoint library and insert it in a BPS workflow.    Read this article if you are interested in SharePoint workflows made easy by

(...) going through the path. The WFHistoryElements table stores information about the instance and form fields value and the WFHistoryElementDetails table – information about values from the “item list ” form field. Every time when the instance goes to the next step in the workflow, in the WFHistoryElements table a new entry will be created. If the form has the “item list ” form (...)

(...) contractor and invoice details. On the right – the attachments and comments section. Below them, there is a chart displaying the values of the unpaid invoices. At the bottom of the form on the item list , all invoices registered for this contractor are listed. By default, the compact form inherits settings from the main form. On Fig. 5 there is a compact form with default settings at the invoice r (...)