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(...) check the correctness of the entered data – mostly to make sure that an incorrect value doesn’t cause issues further down the workflow. WEBCON BPS gives access to multiple avenues of form validation: RegEx, ‘Validate form’ action, and the one we will be taking a closer look at– setting up a form rule on the path. This article describes the use of this functionality.   (...)

(...) the useful functionality is the “Show summary in column footer” option.   Fig. 3. The configuration of the "Project total cost" column   You can use a validation action to make sure that the correct number of months has been entered by the person filling out the form. WEBCON BPS has a built-in check sum function (and copying the sum to a form field – yo (...)

(...) with the same workflow that consists of one step with one “Save” path. From the configuration side, there are three actions on the “Save” path – the first of them is the validation action that checks if a given amount is positive for each form type.   Fig. 9. The configuration of the validation action   The second action is “Change value of singl (...)

(...) OBjectIDColumnName: PATH_ID, ColumnName: PATH_OnSubmitUxBRID Entries referring to the [PATH_OnSubmitUxBRDID] field in the WFAvaiblePaths table apply to the business rules that create additional validation when going through the path. An example result is presented below:   Fig. 13. The result of the query refers to the WFAvaiblePaths table   The rule is performed on the path (...)

(...) PDF viewer   Configuration of the „Verify attachment’s signature The verification process allows you to check the certificate publisher and digital signature parameters (the validation date, publisher trust etc.) This action can be configured for the context menu of the individual attachment in the “Attachments menu” option or on the transition/final path. After addi (...)

(...) The resulting set of AI rules creates a description of current data entered in the process and thus can also be used to verify the assumptions in the implementation of the workflow (e.g. additional validation of the entered values). With appropriate configuration, we can define which of the detected rules are more important for us when determining atypical instances, as well as define what their further p (...)

(...) the appropriate place of the translated sentences so that the whole text will be correct from the point of view of a specified language. WEBCON BPS Translator application contains the mechanism of validation that prevents saving a translation, if in the created phrase, the correct number of variables have been used. In this case, the incorrect phrase will be highlighted in red, signaling the user to chan (...)

(...) rm   Important! If you decide to include the form field value in the instance number configuration, remember that the number is assigned when the instance is first saved. This will require validation that checks if the value is given in the form field and if has not changed. If no value is given in the form field, there is no ability to going through any path or save the instance. This prevents i (...)

(...) received” and can be caused e.g. changing the columns defined in the configuration of the action. The default error message does not indicate value that was unavailable. To avoid this, add validation before executing the action that checks the availability of each value downloaded by the query. Fig. 4. The validation checking the available values   The process of delegatio (...)

(...) lled in, there is no option to move the instance to the next step.  Item list (with Item list columns)– this form field is visible and required. If the item list is required to meet the validation requirements, at least one line must be added to the item list before moving to the next step. If the item list column is required, this column will be checked only when there is at least one row on (...)

(...) Applies to version 2020.1.3; author: Konrad Wojtycza   One of the basic functions of WEBCON BPS forms is validating if the fields are completed correctly. This article describes the validation mechanism.   The example workflow In the example “Purchase order” workflow, all validation actions were configured on the “Register” path.   Fig. 1. (...)

(...) , you must create a connection to the existing SharePoint collection. Connections to SharePoint Online and On-Premises versions from SharePoint 2013 to 2019 are supported.   Fig.1 validation of connection with SharePoint   After starting the "Data Sources" module in Designer Studio, expand the Connections tree and go to "Connections to SharePoint" and t (...)

(...) iterion for selection of columns – define the method of assigning columns from the file to columns in the item list (headers or column’s letter) c) Import type: Stop importing on validation error - stops all import when an error is found Skip invalid rows - skips rows with errors Import invalid cells as blank - in case of an error, data import is performed and invalid (...)

(...) In the advanced configuration of the item list, uncheck the “Allow delete” option - instead of deleting rows we will mark them as inactive. On the Register path, you should add the form validation action to check the uniqueness of the instance. If the “Role” form field has been added, then in the system should be only one workflow instance with a list for an employee and one with a (...)

(...) orkflow -> Designer). On the left, there are two tabs: Steps – the stages of the workflow Actions – events executed when documents travel between steps of the workflow e.g. validation of entered data, file generation, sending notifications. You can define additional conditions for each action. Fig. 5. Workflow designer   Each created project contains two defau (...)

(...) I hope you can help with this! I need to guarantee that a file in the attachments is checked-in (so the version will be different than 1) before moving the workflow to the next step. In the validation form, I don't have the attachments system so that I can construct a query to verify this. Does anyone have an idea? Thank you!