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Applies to version 2020.1.3; author: Mateusz Syrek   PDF version Disclaimer Every installation of WEBCON BPS is unique, and may face certain challenges not covered here. Therefore, this document should be treated a general set of guidelines and not universal dogma. The scenario presented here was tested and used to deSharePointize our Support Portal http://support. webco

Applies to version: 2020 R1 and above; author: Krystyna Gawryał See also: Substitutions in WEBCON BPS Substitutions in 2019 version   Introduction One of the available types of substitutions in WEBCON BPS is Task delegation substitution. Thanks to this functionality, tasks can be performed for an absent employee, while ensuring that the scope of rights granted to their

Applies to version: 2021.1.x and above; author: Michał Bednarz Introduction The article presents how to expand the WEBCON BPS installation with new application servers to easily support the higher load and increase the availability and reliability of WEBCON BPS applications. Important: Each subsequent WEBCON BPS application server requires an appropriate license. The WEBCON BPS Search Se

(...) n the “Running modules” report. Process databases Process databases are content databases that store instances of the processes created in the WEBCON BPS system. The majority of the service roles operate within the framework of such databases. When performing a role, a service processes the data included in the process database. To access such data, the service must be associated with the (...)

Applies to version: 2023 R1 and above; author: Łukasz Maciaszkiewicz   Introduction The logic behind the execution of tasks by service is a multi-faceted and complex issue. When planning tasks, application designers are often unaware of the mechanisms and rules used by the service. To fill this gap, this article describes the elements affecting the sequence in which the service exec

(...) service Name and Login. Note: in the Login field, enter any login in UPN format. It will be used to identify the configured service agent. It is important that the Printing labels checkbox in the service roles section remains selected.   After saving the new service, the Secrets section will appear in its configuration window. Click the button Generate a new client secret  availabl (...)

(...) Hello, Make sure that 'Workflow instance archiving' service is working. Go to System settings -> Services conf. -> - and under 'service roles' section a 'Workflow instance archiving' schould be checked.

(...) started on endpoint http://webcon:8002/WorkFlow/WCFService License service started License service started on endpoint http://webcon:8002/LicenceService Environment: 'Production' Activation Taking service roles for WEBCON! Heartbeat mechanism activated Heartbeat mechanism started. Activating roles keeper. Start WebCon Workflow Started. Version: 2022.1.1.53 Stop WebCon Workflow Stopped. Version: 2022.1.1. (...)