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(...) e – refresh the page, report or other application element User profile – displays defined profiles in the application, allows their configration Searching instances by 2D/barcodes (iOS) If the application uses the 2D code scanners or you have generated printouts containing such elements – you can quickly access such a document. After pressing the button, a device came (...)

(...) interest to us and double-clicking on the field name from the list By dragging the field from the list to the appropriate place on the document (the drag© method)     barcodes and 2D codes In addition to form field, the system fields such as signature or 2D code and barcode are available in the list. The methods for adding them are the same as described above   (...)

(...) s to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Konrad Wojtycza   Introduction WEBCON BPS can be used as an efficient document management system. This article describes how to use barcodes to scan PDF files and paper documents and have them automatically added to your WEBCON workflows' instances.  Common business scenarios for using barcodes include: Having a PDF docu (...)

(...) y support Main panel of the application Navigating by report views Searching Starting new workflows Application, processes and instances lists preview Log history Searching instances by barcodes/2D codes (only iOS) PUSH notifications (only iOS) Webview Authentication Forms of the preview, edit and adding new instances Graphical reports   5.2. REST API for the mo (...)

(...)   Digital signatures and certificates Sign an attachment (DocuSign, Autenti, AdobeSign, Skribble) Verify attachment’s signature Sign an attachment with CoSign   barcodes Printout a barcode label – action is used to print a barcode based on a template Read a barcode – action is used to read a barcode from the attachment Add a barcode   (...)

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(...) d the "r" (Description field) are copied, which prevents this value from being entered into a date field.   Fig. 11. The example invoice   Stamps / signatures / barcodes - if there is a stamp or a handwritten signature on the document near the values searched, it may prevent the correct recognition of the text in this area. Fig. 12. The example Invoice & (...)


(...) original see: HotFolder - adding scanned files to process.   Introduction One of the WEBCON BPS basic features is pairing scanned documents with their electronic version (based on barcodes) and starting new workflows for files added to the configured folder – HotFolder. This article describes how to configure the HotFolder and check the service configuration.   HotFol (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2021.1.x and above; author: Konrad Wojtycza Introduction Electronic documents often contain barcodes that allow you to find the appropriate document in the system using a barcode scanner. The “Read a barcode” action is used to decrypt information saved in the barcode and transfer it to the WEBCON BPS form. The action supports a wide range of numeric and alphanumerica (...)

(...) Dear All, When I try to submit quantity of labels with barcodes to be printed from field I get an error (attached). Same situation when I use definition of database field (i.e. {WFD_AttInt1}). This field is integer. When entering manually a digit there is no issue. Any workaround? :) Kind regards.