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(...) ion When building your business proces, there is the ability of adding a logo, picture, or other image decoration to the form – the simplest way to this is by using the “Picture” form field .   form field configuration To add a picture to the form, select the “Picture” form field .   Fig. 1. The “Picture” form field configuration &nb (...)

(...) ting for signing Success Path ID – the path that signed documents will move Incorrect Path ID – the path where the canceled documents will be sent Document ID field name – the form field where the Skribble ID of the documents sent to be signed will be stored Execution Time – the maximum time of the action execution (in seconds)     i) SendReminder (...)

(...) DID – an instance ID. The main key (WFD_ID) in the WFElements table DET_WFCONID – item list ID. The main key (WFCON_ID) in the WFConfigurations table   Storing data Each form field in WEBCON BPS has its unique ID assigned – it allows you to configure workflows with Item list types of form field s.   Fig. 1. The Item list – ID   Depending on (...)

(...) table that stores header data – WFElements.   Relations in the table The WFElements table contains data about all instances (forms) in the system. They store both system data and form field values defined in the processes. Each workflow instance is identified by a unique ID (WFD_ID).   Fig. 1. The form – system and configured fields   On the screenshot ab (...)

(...) all SDK actions so you can enter them as constants in the process. In the “Attachment section”, define  the method of attachment selection (by Category or SQL query) and technical form field s to which the ID of the signed document and envelope created in DocuSign will be saved.   Fig. 6. The configuration of the action   In the next fields, enter the title and c (...)

(...) . The selection of the other three parameters seen on the form: the person to be added, the accepting person, and the group that will be modified, is done by using three “Person or group” form field s. To limit the possible selections in the “Select a group to modify” field to only show BPS groups, in the configuration window of the form field we check the “BPS groups selection& (...)

(...) ntext help. Using the F1 key allows you to open a window with help related to the element of the system in which you are currently/configuring. For example while on the configuration tab of the chart form field , you will receive information about their configuration and the types of charts to select from.   Fig. 1. form field configuration   Fig. 2. Help window about the char (...)

(...)   Thanks to this, the process created in another application will be “added” to the current application and can be used. As you can see in the screenshot below, the workflows, form field s and configuration are exactly the same. The word “added” should not be understood as making a copy of the process – the process definition is still in another application, by creat (...)

(...) Dawid Golonka   Introduction When creating support for business processes in WEBCON BPS, it is important to remember that even the simplest workflow with a minimum number of steps and form field s will be reflected in the database – all of its instances and settings are represented in the content database – which is the main place of the system’s operation. There are also &l (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Mateusz Klos   WEBCON BPS Designer Studio allows you to configure the form field s’ appearance so that they can be more transparent and legible, as well as tailored to your users’ preferences. The following article lists several ideas on how to manage the appearance of your form field s:   Groups Through WEBCON BPS Desig (...)

(...) ty of downloading the embed code of any system elements. These privileges do not have access to the given processes. Metadata access – the privileges give access to the process metadata (form field s structure) from the WEBCON BPS Word add-in level, allowing the definition of the document templates. They do not give access to the given processes and applications from the Portal level. Read-onl (...)

Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Franciszek Sakławski   Introduction During document processing, it is important to check the correctness of the entered data – mostly to make sure that an incorrect value doesn’t cause issues further down the workflow. WEBCON BPS gives access to multiple avenues of form validation: RegEx, ‘Validate form’ act

(...) option on the selected column – values in that column will take the user directly to the form of the instance they clicked.     The preview window also works in forms on form field s of the data table. The field defined in the form field configuration, will be opened in the preview mode by default.       The form preview window significantly sp (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Franciszek Sakławski   Introduction You can use picker fields on your forms to allow the user to choose data for a form field . This article presents all the types of available picker fields in WEBCON BPS and shows how you can configure them using a real business scenario.   Picker fields When adding a form field in WEBCON BPS D (...)

(...) First, configure the Training workflow. It contains two system steps – start and finish and one intermediate step.   Fig. 1 Training workflow   On the form, several form field s that store data about the training and users have been defined.   Fig. 2 Training form   On the list storing the users' data, on each name there is a “Is certific (...)

(...) “>” button.     Form view The mobile form contains all features of the desktop version including any form rules that are used to modify the form e.g. coloring form field s. By opening the information panel in the workflow, you can open also a preview of the process workflow on the mobile devices.     Reports and dashboards The new way of disp (...)

(...) g in the field with the date of payment for the invoice (invoice not paid).   Fig. 2. The registration of the unpaid invoice   On the form there is an “Invoices” form field where after selecting the contractor, you can see the list of all invoices issued for this contractor. To do this, you need to indicate the previously created BPS data source and narrow the results t (...)

(...) ification templates   In addition to these elements, attention should also be paid to: Translations entered in the process configuration If you decide to put a standard list of the form field s, their names will be translated according to the entered translations If you use the “Choice field” form field which supports the multilingual names, the value will be displayed in a l (...)

(...) ch a configuration was described in this article -> Integration with AAD using REST invoke method and Microsoft Graph (webcon.com) An example process for managing projects contains several form field s: Project name Project description Project manager Team – Employee and Role     Creating the team To create the new team, start by creating the Office 36 (...)

(...) sp; Downloading the attachment and saving it in the workflow A field that identifies the document in the case of an attachment download from the SharePoint library is the “Item URL” form field in which the [$FileRef] value is stored in the format „/Start BPS Library/SuperHero.png.” The missing part of the entire hyperlink is stored in the additional “Connection” fie (...)