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(...) used in our example. Fig. 7 Configuration of the action "Choose an approver"   In the “Select user” field, we have chosen the “Purchaser Login” form field because we want to send the form to the supervisor of the person who completes a requisition form. In the “Target field,” we should choose where we want to store the information about the (...)

(...) automatically set in the “Invoice number” field.   Fig. 1. The Accounting process form   When an accounting document is processed by the OCR module, some of the form field s may remain blank. You can configure the form rule so that the cursor will be automatically placed on a field unfilled by OCR.   The Set Focus rule configuration In the presented exampl (...)

(...) gging process workflow diagram   In our example, each customer will have a separate set of tags that can be used when planning promotions.  For this process, we need the following form field s: Fig.2 - Tagging process form field s   Below there is a description of each of the form field s: Client – a pick box with a source that contains all the clients. L (...)

Applies to version: 2020.1.x and 2021.1.x; author: Dawid Golonka   Introduction This article explains how to enable the analysis functionality in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio 2020. When you edit a step in Designer Studio, you can open the "Analysis" tab to see how long the instances were staying at a given step and how much time was spent editing them. Thanks to this,

(...) yee, you can create two separate lists. To do this, add a new "Role" choice field and provide the previously prepared fixed list of values as a source. Fig. 3 - The "Role" form field configuration In the advanced configuration of the item list, uncheck the “Allow delete” option - instead of deleting rows we will mark them as inactive. On the Register path, you shou (...)

(...) can be triggered, for example, when the user starts a vacation or after going through a certain path. In this action, the Replaced person and the Substitute can be defined based on the rule or the form field value, and the processes for which the substitutions will be active can be defined based on the application/process ID or the rule. The entire action can also be configured on the basis of an appropr (...)

(...) tion, you can specify the business entity, process, form type, and workflow.   Figure 4 Start button configuration You can also provide URL parameters and default values for the form field s used in the specified workflow. Default values can be set for all editable form field s. You can pass values to form field s via URL, which lets you start workflows with some options selected or some (...)

Applies to version: 2021.1.x and above; author: Konrad Wojtycza Introduction The Run an SQL procedure action allows you to invoke SQL procedures from the WEBCON BPS form level, and to prepare the universal SQL queries with variables. This functionality is limited only by the capabilities of the SQL query language. It is possible to invoke SQL procedures using data in the WEBCON BPS form

(...) ved. Sample diagram: Fig. 8. Sample workflow diagram   Form designer The form designer is available directly from the project main page or the menu (Form -> Designer). The form field s available for creating the form are on the left side. Individual fields can be placed in one of the four sections on the diagram. Fig. 9. The form designer To make the form easier to read (...)

(...) elect “Dynamic,” the number of workflows instances shown on the report will adjust automatically to the browser’s window size), 2) use “Standard filters” to filter by form field s (and their values), e.g., deciding to display only instances in which a certain form field has a given value (for example, “Total price” form field is greater than 1,000), 3) use &ldq (...)

(...) a simple subscription management workflow Process description The subscription management process contains the “Subscription administrator” and “Financial administrator” form field s, and the item list with the following fields: Client Product Payment status Subscription status Date of renewal The “Product” column contains information about program (...)

(...) Framework functionality) Form subtypes Available Available Available Available Available Not available (functionality can be replaced with a standard dropdown form field and by configuring appropriate business rules) Outlook Classic Add-In – 32-bit version Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported Not supported ( (...)

(...) rsquo;s work in the system will not be possible.   Appendix A – Range of data downloaded from AD during synchronization Target database column AD form field name Mandatory attributes(*) [COS_IsActive] useraccountcontrol (ADS_UF_ACCOUNTDISABLE) X [COS_AD_accountexpires] accountexpires   (...)

(...) pecified words. During the search, following instance details are taken into account: Instance ID Instance number System elements names (process name, workflow name, step name, form name) form field s names form field s’ and items list values Text content of the attachments Each of these values has a relevance factor attached to it (instance ID – highest, attachment content &n (...)

(...) on database. Content database (main database) – collects all information about the configuration of applications created on the platform e.g. process definitions, information about individual form field s and forms configuration, information about privileges for the individual objects on both the data side and the presentation side. This database also contains all metadata about processes (data enter (...)

(...) Applies to versions: 2019.1.x In version 2019.1.1, the limit of floating-point columns was increased to 30 (from 10)   Maximum number of various types of form field s (limit per process)     Field type Limit per process Single line of text - global 10 Choice field - global 10 Data and time - global 5 (...)

Applies to version: 2021.1.x and above; author: Mateusz Klos   The following configuration is for Standalone installation. For SharePoint intallation, no WebDav is used - only the SharePoint attachment library.  Installing an add-on from a file Consider a simple process where the user drops a file into the "Attachments" section and then wants to digitally sign it u

(...) dash; by selecting users or groups who will always receive privileges at a given step/path.   Fig. 3. The "Always to" option   Dynamic – by indicating a form field that stores the appropriate users/groups (If it is a form field other than the “Person or group” type, you must designate a column that contains a user login or group ID).   (...)

(...) uo; parameter). This is because the latest rates downloaded to the table are those from yesterday - therefore, the query would not return a value for the current date. The "Course date" form field is the value from the form, on which the currencies will be converted. In addition to today's date, you can select any date from the past here. To be consistent with registering an instance for t (...)

(...) Understanding it will make it easier to explain the necessity of using this approach when creating processes. Import-Export from the technical side All elements of the created process, such as form field s, form types, workflows or data sources, are uniquely identifiable in the system by the ID.   Workflow: Fig.1. Workflow ID   form field : Fig.2. form field ID &n (...)