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(...) documents and have them automatically added to your WEBCON workflows' instances.  Common business scenarios for using barcodes include: Having a PDF document or a paper document and scanning its barcode to relate it with an existing workflow instance. scanning the barcode on an attachment added to the HotFolder to start a workflow automatically. An example of barcode use woul (...)

(...) path – transition between workflow steps   Fig. 2. Actions in step   Action types Below, a list of grouped action types available to perform:   OCR and scanning Attachment OCR – action is used to recognize characters from an attachment added to the workflow Add a text layer OCR AI recognition Teach OCR AI   Notifications (...)


(...) .   Fig. 7. Possible option of defining the file name   Mode - Add attachments based on barcodes If you use 2D codes or 2D barcode printers, there is the ability of mass scanning of e.g. invoices with such codes.   Fig. 8. The “Add attachments based on barcodes” mode   Found ID, missing workflow instance – defines what happens w (...)

(...) Please add feature to define delay (i.e. 60 seconds) before file gets imported from HotFolder. I have a situation where scanner creates an empty file at beginning of scanning, and WEBCON gets this file before it's complete. I use script to copy files from "temp scan" folder to HotFolder, but such feature directly in WEBCON BPS could bypass this workaround. Any comments and feedback here is more than wel (...)