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(...) of the application Downloading the configuration Device registration and downloading the security level Downloading the PUSH configuration (full support only for iOS) Downloading the assigned task counters Downloading the list of applications, processes and instances Downloading data for report views Searching   5.3. Cordova Adding attachments support from the form level works ba (...)

(...) em – for more information about this feature, see: Favorite elements as tiles on the home page (WEBCON BPS 2021).   Fig. 1. The WEBCON BPS 2021 Portal main page   task counters task counters are one of the key elements of each WEBCON BPS applications. Now, they have gained a new appearance which is more compact and legible.    Fig. 2. task counters on (...)


(...) ; author:  Wojciech Kołodziej   Introduction A dashboard is a panel that allows you to prepare a dedicated page where you can add various elements (called widgets) such as reports, task counters, or HTML code. Widgets are used to build a personalized application page in WEBCON BPS Portal. The ability to create your dashboards by using 10 widgets has been introduced in WEBCON BPS 2019. In (...)