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(...) Hi, I'm trying to update an existing instance or create a new instance with REST api. I'm using api version 3.0 and Postman. I want to put data to choice field, but I know only name from data source. It's possible at all? I tried to put a value in two ways: "formFields": [ { "guid": "c2e37260-5d57-410e-997c-1f19bb12a4c0", "svalue": "USD" (...)

I have the same problem after upgrade to new wersion of webcon. If the field type is picker then is ok, but when is autocomplete then for example import from Excel to itemlist dosn't work, becouse in excel i have only name but no id. If in filed configuration I will select only name to search then import is working, but when you try choose value by hand in field only id apear. This behavior is

(...) Hi Bartek The value of choice fields always requires an ID value in the REST api. This is because only the ID column is unique - this ensures an unambiguous match of the passed value. If the value of the field is 3#USD,you can put it in two ways - set value: "3" - then the id will be verified and the value 3#USD will be selected from the data source - set value "3#USD" - then the value will (...)

My case is on 2021.1.4.55. I have dictionary process as source without any filter now. ID in choice field is different column than standard (guid from dictionary). I have created my own in WFD_AttInt1. Choice field with behavior: -dropdown - error: Value with id: 'USD' does not exist\r\n\r\n, -autocomplete with seraching based on name only - Value with id: 'PLN' does not exist\r\n\r\n\r\n, -

The second option is the good solution at this moment and works for me fine. Thanks a lot.

(...) Hi, Adding new rest api user context in adminpanle , we can choose permissions to applications. When can chooses ReadWrite, but still it's giving possibility to overwrite element after creations. I think that good idea will be give new to of access like CreateOnly. To start only new element in Webcon, but not possible to overwrite by api.

(...) Hi, To start a new workflow instance or edit one via api, granting application permission (scope) in the admin panel is not enough. The user/application account must also have appropriate permissions at the Process or workflow instance level. Could you provide your scenario? Below is a broader explanation of how these scopes and permissions work. There are three types of Application permissio (...)

Hello Daniel, I'm used impersonation. The problem is only with post method, when I have elementid I can patch attachment.

(...) Hello, in version 2021.1.5 when you use endpoints from the /api/data/beta/admin group, you must add the api application as a system administrator. In addition, endpoints from this group do not accept impersonation. You need to generate a token for apps without impersonation.

(...) Hi Daniel, In the next version of the BPS 2023 added the ability for form fields in Read-only (editable by JavaScript) mode to be edited through the api - endpoints get /elements and get /formlayout can now differentiate and return the two types of Read-only. Bast regards Tom

(...) Hello everyone, I was wondering... Is there a way to start workflows by an external api without the need to exchange the token first? I'm asking the question because I'm exploring the possibilities offered by using a service as MailGun. They can parse the incoming email message and post the parsed information in form of JSON to a URL. The issue I'm having is I can only configure a URL to which (...)

(...) You cannot use the Public REST api without authentication. At the moment, we only support oauth2 authentication, so there is no way to authenticate without obtaining a token. The only option I see is to implement a middleware application that will take care of the authentication.

(...) How about changing direction of communication - it seems that Mailgun have endpoint to get stored email: https://documentation.mailgun.com/en/latest/api-sending.html#retrieving-stored-messages You could periodically check for email from webcon perspective, it's not as clean though.

(...) Hi everyone, I've been trying to establish a connection to a SOAP api, action seems to be configured the right way (it only tries to connect and log in). When I run path with the action, the error is displayed in Polish "Wystąpił wewnętrzny problem wywołania webserwisu. Szczegóły błędu zostały zapisane w logu." (Internal webservice error. Details have been written in the log). Well... the problem is (...)

Hi both and thank you for your feedback! Much appreciated. I thought about the other route (checking for stored emails) and probably that will be the best in the current situation.

Hi MIchal, there are also the Admin* logs like AdminWFEventLogs https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/the-adminwfeventlogs-table/137 Unfortunately I can't remember which information are stored where and whether they are stored in CONFIG or CONTENT database. You could also take a look at the Windows Event log. I'm not sure whether these information are stored there too. Since you ar

Searching all the mentioned tables and there is either no error message or the message is the same (not saying what the problem is). Even after turning on the debug mode in Designer Studio, no error explanation showed in the appropriate table. Maybe someone has configured connection to Polish GUS through SOAP and can provide the right config? Anyone? :-)

(...) Hi Michał, If we are talking about standard Invoke SOAP api action - this looks like your case - error logs should be available in the history of the element, on the path on which action has been configured - full logs will be available when using administration mode. Daniel mentioned it as well. If the problem were related to SOAP api action implemented using SDK plugin, we could also check logs (...)

Thanks guys, I got the logs and now I know why the action is not working... it's an outside of webcon issue.

Hi all! We are using the action 'Invoke REST Web service' a lot, but there are some limitations I am struggling with. I want to download an Excel file using this action, using an external REST service. My first approach was to store the response body into a multi-line content field. I am also using a HTML field with a download button, to save this file from content field to disk. This