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(...) will be shown vertically). If your group contains two elements, applying the horizontal arrangement option will look like this: Fig. 6 A group of form fields displayed horizontally. grouping form fields helps users and designers who use WEBCON BPS Designer Studio as it improves the readability of forms and designs. Also, it enables designers to change the position of groups of form field (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2021.1.x and above; author: Józef Cyran Introduction WEBCON BPS 2021 introduces new functionality of grouping rows of item lists. Now, users can collapse and expand groups and display subtotals when the column has been configured to display totals. This article describes how to configure and use this option on an example of a simple subscription management workflow (...)

(...) rtal is the same as in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio.   Creating button groups If you want to customize your form, e.g. organize the automations by topic, then you should use the option of grouping Menu buttons. In the given example, the automations will be divided into the following groups: Generating documents Generate Excel Generate Word Convert Word to PDF Sendi (...)

(...) do 10 more a day, because you have set something up the way it makes sense. Hence: instead of discussing they get a report. Anyways... It came to my mind that this problem might be solved by 2 level grouping in the report menu, and the possibility to expand each report-entry to see the available views already in the menu - not only after you opened the report, just like the grouping works in the views. (...)

(...) y and few thousent lines inside. I display dictionary fields /10 fields/ on the form as "Choice fields" I need to group fields taking into account values to displaying only unique. I do not see grouping option/function. May be someone has solution ? THX in advace Jerzy

(...) Hi everyone! I wonder if anyone noticed in their enviroment a rather unwanted and dangerous behavior of grouping in reports. Today an acountant showed me, that when you apply grouping something really strange happens (ver. 2021.1.3.205). As seen on the attached screenshot the number of items in grouping is different than the one shown in the rectangle. This can be very misleading. And there is something (...)

Hi, I have created a report, in which i am only interested in showing the Year-portion of a datetime-field. This works good until i try to group for the shown values in there. The groups are not built by the years in this case, but still on the entire value. It would make more sense to group according to the display option the grouped column is set to. Especially because i dont know how to do

Hi everyone, maybe I have a wrong idea how a multi value picker field is used in filters/groups in reports. Current situation: The picker field will store the selected values in the order they have been chosen. If you use this field as a group, every unique "string" will be used as a group. Example: Workflow instance 1: IT: Research & Development Workflow instance 2: IT: Research

(...) Hi, I have an issue with a web part grouping the same title twice. For example, I have 10 items with the title A. Instead of all items being grouped in one group, I have a group titled "A" with 7 of the items and another group also titled "A" with the remaining 3 items. Does anyone have an idead what I should try/check? Thanks

It would be useful to be able to group the data in the itemlist at the column level and on the main form. Currently, we can group at the level of each step, but sometimes when we have many steps, it would be more useful to be able to set it just on the main form. Thanks, Raluca

(...) rs’ preferences. The following article lists several ideas on how to manage the appearance of your form fields:   Groups Through WEBCON BPS Designer Studio, we have the ability of grouping the form fields into thematic or visually consistent groups, and by configuring them we can manage the following properties: The first field allows you to select if the group name will be displ (...)

(...) what the end user is expected to do on the form and how to make sure they do it correctly.. A user should be able to discern what value should be entered into what field. In addition to thematically grouping form fields, you can also add tooltips with instructions next to field labels.   Tooltips Thanks to tooltips on the form, a user has the ability to learn more about the form they are cu (...)

(...)   In this tab, you can create individual views based on data collected in a given source in the Source tab – you can include item list columns here when choosing filters or grouping :     The report configured in this way can be edited according to your needs, including the columns from the selected item list:       &n (...)

(...) ession that is recorded by this tool.   Here, it's important to emphasize that the administrator can access the data from the diagnostic session through other means. In other words, by grouping data useful for an administrator the diagnostic session tool makes his work easier, but does not expand his access to data. The diagnostic session tool is further secured by restricting access onl (...)

(...) mainly on the tables mentioned above. The report supports translations; the names of processes, workflows, and steps can be translated. The KPI report supports filtering, but it does not support grouping and breaking the results into pages.     Summary The analysis of statistical data at individual steps allows drawing conclusions that can improve the efficiency of business pr (...)

(...) nd on each of them, choose one of the form fields. Moreover, you can display all elements with empty values as a group by selecting “Show group for elements with no value.” Fig. 15 grouping form data You can also hide or display the search panel and configure it accordingly. The way the search engine works is set directly in the report configuration. However, here you can decide (...)

(...) ted can automatically form series, but for this to be feasible, it is first necessary to indicate by which parameters the data will be grouped. For this purpose, users now have the ability to specify grouping for a single data series.     With this feature data can be presented in series, whose number will increase with the increasing amount of data recorded in the application. For (...)

(...) s how to present and group files added as attachments in WEBCON BPS Portal, as well as selected actions triggered by events related to attachments in workflow instances.   Presentation and grouping of attachments The primary tool that can be used to define the appearance of the attachment field on a form is Global form template, and specifically its Attachments section. After clicking on thi (...)

(...) es from the Item list to the technical field   The action works by copying the user IDs (found in _ElementID) from the specified Item list (Select person) from selected rows (Select), grouping them, and copying to a technical field (_SelectedPearson) – together with a ‘;’ separator. If we select many rows, the IDs will be stored as follows: ID1;ID2;ID3; and so on. &nbs (...)

(...) n a respective SQL function. This is because names themselves are not always unique, and they can be subject to changes. Therefore, they are rarely used for tasks such as joining records, sorting, or grouping .   The variable referring to the indexed choice column can be found in the Objects tab of the variables editor   Summary The introduction of indexed choice columns to the (...)