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(...) nbsp; } The above JSON fragment indicates the action of going through the path and the path ID. To work correctly, select the “Available as quick path” option.   Fig. 9. quick paths allows you to go from the level withoult entering to a given instance   Fig. 10. Bars displaying the number of products are configured by selecting the color, minimum and maximum value (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2021.1.x and above; author: Adrian Baszak “quick paths ” is a standard functionality allowing for the use of a transition path without editing the form as well as several instances at the same time. “quick paths ” can be found useful wherever a task is repeatable and it does not require completing any form fields by the user or verifying a large amount of data. (...)

(...) w, execution of Cyclical actions, actions executed On Timeout), the configuration of an additional authorization on that path will lead to an operation execution error.   Authorization for quick paths and Mass actions The functionality also works in certain cases when using quick paths . If the user configures a Quick path with periodic or each-time authorization, the received code can be used t (...)

(...) rsal of a path.   Please note here that the system will require sharing your location only once for traversing a path for multiple instances using the mass action [LINK TO ARTICLE] or quick paths [LINK TO ARTICLE].  Furthermore, if you have already shared your location by traversing the parent workflow, the system will not require it again for subworkflows regardless of their configurat (...)

Applies to version: 2024 R1 and above, author: Krystyna Gawryał   Introduction In an era of technological advances, there is an increasing emphasis on providing equal access to information, education, work, entertainment, and services for all people, regardless of their location, resources, skills, or limitations. Many of these basic aspects of life are now carried out over the Inte

(...) solve the problem completly. Comming to an end of this a bit too long post - did you have similar problems? How did you manage to overcome the obstacles? EDIT: In the end I resigned from using quick paths , and instead added a html button initiating the path "Add to transaction" visible in the preview of items in the report. This way if the salesperson filters out the list to the items they want, he/sh (...)

Hello everyone, I've got such a case: A CRM with several sales objects displayed in a report. I would like to be able to run the sales objects thru a path from the report itself (look at the screen), so that our salesmen can browse and filter through the report of sales objects and easily add the desired objects to transaction. What seems to have worked in previous version (don't remember which