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(...) s to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Konrad Wojtycza   Introduction WEBCON BPS can be used as an efficient document management system. This article describes how to use barcode s to scan PDF files and paper documents and have them automatically added to your WEBCON workflows' instances.  Common business scenarios for using barcode s include: Having a PDF doc (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2021.1.x and above; author: Konrad Wojtycza Introduction Electronic documents often contain barcode s that allow you to find the appropriate document in the system using a barcode scanner. The “Read a barcode ” action is used to decrypt information saved in the barcode and transfer it to the WEBCON BPS form. The action supports a wide range of numeric and alphanumeric (...)

(...) on to their proper registration in the system, the incoming documents must be quickly accessible in their original, hardcopy version. To streamline their flow and storage WEBCON BPS offers printout a barcode label functionality allowing users to link data entered in the system with the document hardcopy. Most companies delegate the task of receiving and registering incoming documents to one, appointed (...)

(...) Box can operate in one of the following modes: “Start one workflow for each e-mail” “Start one workflow for each selected attachment” “Add to elements based on barcode s in attachments” “Add to elements based on e-mail content”   Example – “Add to elements based on barcode s in attachments” A workflow named &ldquo (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2023.1.x and above; author: Krystyna Gawryał   Introduction Printing barcode labels is a WEBCON BPS functionality used to identify documents stored in paper form, for example, in accounting offices, companies providing shipping, logistics and courier services, as well as in warehouse spaces. In On Premises installations, which by default have access to the resources (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2019.1.x and above; authors: Wojciech Mleczko, Krystyna Gawryał   Introduction WEBCON BPS supports barcode s as a method of identifying documents and workflow instances. Using barcode s allows to automate the process of scanning and registering paper documents. Stickers with barcode s simplify archiving documents, and based on barcode labels it is possible to quickly find (...)

(...) Hello, I am trying to create an "Add barcode " action. After I set it up I was trying to test it and this error showed up (it was the first test, it never worked).

(...) Dear All, When I try to submit quantity of labels with barcode s to be printed from field I get an error (attached). Same situation when I use definition of database field (i.e. {WFD_AttInt1}). This field is integer. When entering manually a digit there is no issue. Any workaround? :) Kind regards.

(...) Hello, I have a problem while adding a barcode . The instance is moving to the next step but the action is not executing, does not show any error and is not even logged in the history and is not adding a barcode . Does anyone had this problem on the latest version( 2021.1.3.163 ) , some thoughts ?

(...) Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a case where a barcode scanner (handheld device) had to be implemented. I'm asking to figure out if Webcon could be a solution to a problem I encountered. Thank you.

(...) Dear All, sorry if this is an extremely easy question, but how do I select printer in action Print barcode label? I have an option to select primary printer and accounting printer. But how do I select "Document entry points" with assigned printers there? What if we have more than two barcode printers in company? How can we point that for specific process we will use this printer, and for other process w (...)

(...) How make sure that field with barcode is unique across application?

(...) I have problem with configuration hotfolders. I would like add option to automaticly add attachments to existing workflow by barcode . Only worked solution is worked for me is start new workflow but is not what i need. I was based on https://howto.webcon.com/hotfolder-adding-scanned-files-to-process/ I don't now why onlu "standard barcode s" is enabled in designer studio if "attachments based on bar (...)

(...) Hi, I need to use the the Printout a barcode label. I found the article about ZebraDesigner to design the label and get the EPL format text to insert into the action. My problem is I don't have a Zebra printer. If I try to install the ZebraDesigner it won't allow me to design a label because the software is not connected to a Zebra printer. In my case the client has a SeagullScientific printer which p (...)

(...) Hello! I have a large PDF with multiple invoices. Each invoice can be on one or more pages. Each invoice has a barcode on the first page. Does anyone know if it is possible to split that document based on the barcode ? TIA, Martin

(...) Hi community! I am struggling with Word Add-In and data tables. The requirement is to show a table of order positions, each position contains an image field with a barcode (which should be shown in table) and some other fields. Is that even possible and if so how? Thanks a lot in advance & best regards, Nik

(...) Hi, I am using webcon bps designer studio v. 2022.1.2.31 and I don't have actions like "Read barcode " or "Add a barcode ". I just don't have these types of actions to choose from. Any idea why?

(...)   The undo button – works identically as in web browsers, moves one page back Going to the main page of the application, regardless of the previous action Launching the barcode /2d scanner. After pressing, starts the device camera to find the code on the prontout/photo. The scanner is available only in the iOS application (it is not possible on Android). Refreshing the pag (...)

(...) interest to us and double-clicking on the field name from the list By dragging the field from the list to the appropriate place on the document (the drag© method)     barcode s and 2D codes In addition to form field, the system fields such as signature or 2D code and barcode are available in the list. The methods for adding them are the same as described above   (...)

(...) can assess them remotely. After the test evaluation, an e-mail with a grade will be automatically sent to the appropriate student. At the next step, register the test for each student and print a barcode sticker. In WEBCON BPS it is possible to automatically add attachments with a printed barcode to the appropriate instance based on ta scan. To do this, you need to configure the Hot-Folder service, f (...)