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(...) lies to version 2021.1.1; author: Michał Kastelik   WEBCON BPS 2021 has introduced new appearance and display options that allow you to further customize your application's start buttons. Read this article if you want to learn what they are and how to use them.     Hiding buttons    After enabling the Portal editing mode, users (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020 and 2021.1; author: Krzysztof Gaszczyk Start buttons start a process or workflow in WEBCON BPS. This article shows you how to create and configure them using Designer Studio or Portal. First, we explain how to do it in Studio and then how to do it on Portal. Both configurations are very similar. Configuring start buttons in Designer Studio To configure a start button, o (...)

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Hello again, Is there a possibility to add an HTML Button to a dashboard, which leads to another dashboard? I Implemented an simple button, but when I add an href with the URL from dev system and import this version on prod, it doesn't work anymore, because the URL doesn't match anymore. Greets Georg

(...) hboard Apart from the standard application, the “Suggested dashboards and reports” can be placed of any dashboard – in the same way as other dashboard’s elements like start buttons, reports, or search engine.   Fig. 3. The configuration of the suggested reports on dashboards   You can set the prepared dashboard as a start page of the application. &n (...)

(...) ough the path, a user’s account is created – this form is the level from which you can add money to them or return them (by using the “New deposit” or “New Refund” buttons). There is no option to create a new account for an employee who already has such an account – so after going through the “Save” path, an appropriate message will be displayed. (...)

(...) report allows you to see the number of products and go through the path from the report level, and close or open the warehouse depending on the step in which they are located – you can use the buttons added to the cell.   Fig. 7. In the View tab go to the configuration and select Coloring mode -> Advanced and then paste the JSOn code with cell stylling   Fig. 8. JS (...)

(...) e) answer of the following options: The user creates a question and the place where they will be displayed. The “Answers” section is used to manage options to select. By using the buttons on the right, the user can add, edit, delete and also change the order in which responses are displayed. Below you should select the numbering method – numerically (1,2,3…) or alphabetic (...)

(...) r WEBCON BPS Designer Studio) allows both operations using the “Install licenses from a file” (manual installation) and “Download new online licenses” (automatic installation) buttons. When you have activated the online license service, the licenses will be installed automatically. The manual installation allows for displaying a new window in which you need to indicate the rece (...)

(...) S platform. On the main page there is also a list of tasks and a list of recently used applications.     Upper menu The menu contains a defined name of displayed profile and buttons described below:     The undo button – works identically as in web browsers, moves one page back Going to the main page of the application, regardless of t (...)

(...) Thanks to tooltips on the form, a user has the ability to learn more about the form they are currently working on. In WEBCON BPS, such tooltips can be found both on form fields and on transition path buttons. For form fields, the tooltip will be located in the small “I” icon next to the form field. For the paths – you need to hover over the path button and you will see a tooltip. We can (...)

(...) h this solution there is the ability to return to the basic workflow at any time.   Fig. 14. The Register department form   Conclusion Hyperlink actions triggered by menu buttons allow us to seamlessly connect and pass info between two separate workflows. From the perspective of the end user, navigation between forms is carried out via buttons at the top of the page. They rem (...)

(...) tance to the OCR verification step. At this step the user verifies the correctness of reading data and can correct information – they can improve the fields read and means for them the learning buttons. More information about the new OCR verification view on the MODERN can be found at New OCR verification view. To properly teach the program, add the “Teach OCR AI” action on t (...)

(...)   Summary The ADFS authentication provider configured in this way can be verified by entering the Portal site.     On the screen a login window will appear with two buttons – Windows Active Directory and ADFS which has just been activated. After pressing the ADFS button, the user will be redirected to the ADFS login page where after providing valid credentials wil (...)

(...) ields if the recognized values are compatible with the expected ones, e.g., with the values of suppliers’ documents or rules set in the process   C) The designation of the learning buttons is “remembered” until the learning OCR action is triggered. All fields marked by the user as ‘to learn’ will be marked both after saving the form and moving on to the next (...)

(...) eement), form type names (Agreement), workflow names (Agreement), step names (Start, Finish (positive)), etc.   The following elements are also a part of the configuration: start buttons, reports and dashboards. In this case, the translations can be provided in WEBCON Designer Studio, but also in WEBCON BPS Portal in the edit mode.   Translation of the presentation layer (...)

(...) esses of this type. Most settings are identical to those we have seen in regular table reports on Portal, but the dedicated Document Template report comes with a number of preconfigured options, e.g. buttons for exporting and importing files on the top bar.   Fig.5. Adding a report with templates   One of the basic functionalities of the new dictionary processes is the ability t (...)

(...) tances on the report.     Another difference is in the “Views” tab. An Start button is automatically added to the report – as with all such report-based start buttons, we can only select one Form type and Workflow per button.     After adding a new instance to the workflow and marking it as “Active” using the checkbox form field, (...)

(...) quo; which will appear underneath it.   Select “Local groups” to open a new website with all the tools needed to manage the Local groups.     buttons to add a group and refresh their list below are located on the top bar. The list is divided into two columns: Display name and Group identifier, both of which can be used to sort in ascending or d (...)

(...) e the changes. Proceed analogously for “Access Permission”.     When returning to component services  save changes with “Apply” or “OK” buttons. FAQ In the Component services configuration, I do not see the FineReader 11 component icon. This error is caused by a problem with adding register keys by the FineReader 11 installer. (...)

(...) the form use the “Overwrite” option.     After installation and launch of the Word Add-In a new tab „WEBCON BPS” will appear. Click on it and following buttons will be displayed:   Important! First three options: „Version history”, „Show changes”, “Element information” are available only when editing the (...)