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Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)


Delete item list
21.02.2024 12:40

Hi Mihai, thanks for the information. These type of things are always good to know. Best regards, Daniel

Hi, There's not necessarily a need to use the API. You can remove workflow instances using the archive action with retention mode: Remove from content database https://docs.webcon.com/docs/2023R3/Studio/Action/DBRetention/Action_ArchiveElements I'm using this quite a lot. Cyclical action

Hi Mihail, maybe there are other means, but the only way I know of is to use a "Create a task" action. There is a little information here about how it can be used: https://docs.webcon.com/docs/2023R3/Studio/Action/TaskAssign/Action_TaskCreation If you use this, then you don't necessarily ne

Global HTML fields
18.02.2024 17:11

Hi, could we have an option to define global HTML fields? This would allow us to define the HTML field ones instead of multiple times in multiple process. Best regards, Daniel

Hi Paweł, as you noticed, a report can only display process fields, if a single process is selected. One exception to this are global fields. You have the option to add a calculated column to retrieve other information. Depending on the number of calculated columns and the complexity of the SQL

Hi, I have no idea, which information you mean, but if you are interested in the group members SELECT users.COS_BpsID FROM [dbo].[CacheOrganizationStructure] as users join [dbo].CacheOrganizationStructureGroupRelations as groupMebers on users.COS_ID = groupMebers.COSGR_UserID

Deactivation of the company
12.02.2024 19:38

Hi, would be nice, at least if this is limited to the UI, in the background it should be as it is. No changes to the export/import process. In one case we have in the production environment two databases with the same process and one database in the test environment. When moving to production

I'm not sure about it, there's no visible indicator and it just "stops" adding more characters which again my lead to confusion.

Hi everyone, it would be great if there would be some option to show the id of a choose field in the browser. Maybe in the history or history in admin mode? Use case: Two users with the same display name and there's currently no option to identify which user was selected without relying on

OpenID connect parameters
07.02.2024 20:35

Hi, in case the thumbs up are counted, please add the ones of my user voice too. :) https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/692?messageid=692 Best regards, Daniel

Hi Matthias, if it fails while loading the form, you probably won't find it in the mentioned table. I tried my best to provide some information regarding the log here: https://daniels-notes.de/posts/2023/where-is-my-log It's not an official source, but it may help you to understand and sh

Hi Paweł, WEBCON uses variables to replace fields/elements as you have seen / may know. In business rules they are marked masked {} and in form rules #{}# is used as the {} is a reserved character/will be used also in other cases. The prefix of the variables return a different result. You c

HI Marcin, this is my checklist: https://daniels-notes.de/posts/2023/copy-a-database If anyone has any contributions, I will gladly add them / correct mistakes. Best regards, Daniel

Hi Sandra, I went down the rabbit hole how we could customize it. I would have been interested in a solution too. First approach: Create a form field extension I didn't come very far with this because I wasn't able to create the basic setup for a generic form field extension due various error

Hi Paweł, in these cases it's best to move the StarteElement... to an own function than you will have less troubles with the single and double quotes. Even if you use an own function, it can fail. Therefore I prefer getting the field value using a JavaScript function and encode this value. Yo

@Maks That reminds me of something I read in the latest 2022 release, which I read to get an idea what will be in the next 2023 release: Change Log: Increased the maximum value of a workflow instance version when assigning a task to users. Previously, a task could be assigned for instances wh

Hi, I've cases where one choose field updates another choose field. If the data source is not a SQL database this can take some time. Setting the first field takes about 1 second, (1) in the attachment. Getting picker search results 540ms Validate picker control 460ms The setting and valida

Hi, these kind of settings are read once when the WEBCON Workflow service starts. The new settings require a "reload". This can be triggered using the "Load configuration" button. See the attachment. Alternatively you can restart the service, but that's only the second best option. Best

Hi, we have encountered the same problem with the html buttons. As we can’t update so easily we created an html field which replaces the „link button“. Just in case someone jumps and to state, that you shouldn’t test with admin privileges: You also don’t notice it, if you have only edit pe

Hi, this is the way it works. Translations are not used at all. You can upvote this user voice. https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/4066/15 There may be another, but this was the first one I found. Best regards, Daniel