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29.12.2020 The WEBCON team works tirelessly to improve the WEBCON BPS platform. We constantly strive to fix any errors and make sure that our system always functions as intended. Every year, we publish a so-called ‘big’ version which introduces a multitude of new features. Additionally, updated builds are released at least once a month, they aim to resolve any existing issues

(...) Applies to version 2021.1.1; author: Michał Kastelik   WEBCON BPS 2021 has introduced new appearance and display options that allow you to further customize your application's start buttons. Read this article if you want to learn what they are and how to use them.     Hiding buttons    After enabling the Portal editing mode, users w (...)

(...) Applies to version 2021.1.1; author: Konrad Wojtycza   Introduction In WEBCON BPS 2021, the form rules have been enhanced with new functions operating on text such as: CONCAT - combines two or more text strings into one text SPLIT - splits the provided text into parts, according to a specified separator. The function returns strings separated by semicolons ‘;’ (default s (...)

(...) In the release notes of WEBCON BPS 2021 the new option of using the openid authentication flow is mentioned. However, i did not find an option to use this authentication when calling Rest API's. Did i miss something or is it not yet released?

(...) Applies to version 2021.1.x; author: Michał Kastelik   In WEBCON BPS 2021 there is the ability of adding a link in the Portal’s side menu, which will redirect you to a specified page. This article describes how to add a link to the side menu.    Configuration Go to WEBCON BPS Designer Studio -> System settings -> Global parameters -> Appearance.   F (...)

(...) ay order.   The changes will be reflected on your Home page too. In the "Favorites" section, these elements are displayed as tiles. It is a new feature of WEBCON BPS 2021.  Fig. 5. Favorites on the BPS Portal 2021 home page.   Your favorite elements will be listed from left to right, with the element from the top of the f (...)

(...)  Applies to version 2021.1.x; author: Michał Kastelik   Introduction The new version of WEBCON BPS 2021 has brought some changes in Portal's appearance. This article describes the most important differences compared to the 2020 version.   The new appearance of the main page On the main page of the platform, the Favorites elements (applications, reports, etc.) are disp (...)

(...) Applies to version 2021.1.1; author: Kinga Bożęcka WEBCON BPS 2021 introduces the mechanism of diagnostics and recording the behavior of the form and other elements of WEBCON BPS Portal. This mode is a successor to the old Debug mode which was used to track all modifications that impact the visual layer.  This functionality toggles a diagnostic mode in (...)

(...) s possible to display a currency code or symbol next to numerical fields in WEBCON BPS. This made the form more readable and facilitated user orientation in the case of multi-currency forms. However, WEBCON BPS 2021 has introduced some improvements that are described in this article. Prefix and Suffix The name of the currency code field has been changed to “Suffix.” However, no changes have be (...)

(...) Applies to version 2021.1.1; author: Konrad Wojtycza   Introduction WEBCON BPS 2021, introduces the Set Focus form function has which can be used to automatically place the cursor in the edited field, after loading the form or changing the field value. Thanks to this, you do not have to manually place the cursor in the field. This article presents the operation of this function based on a bu (...)

(...) quo;s name, description, its background color and choose an abbreviation (up to three-characters) that will appear on the button. In WEBCON BPS 2020, you can use a predefined color for the button. In WEBCON BPS 2021, you can also choose any custom color by entering its color code.   Below you can see configuration options in BPS 2020 and 2021. The latter has more options that are presented in this art (...)

(...) clude business users in the design process.  The example we use is a simple application for handling incoming correspondence.   Designer Desk One of the new features introduced in WEBCON BPS 2021 is the Designer Desk tool, which enables the creation of application prototypes and expedites the process of collecting business requirements. The application prototyped in this way is then sent to t (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2021.1.x and above; author: Józef Cyran   Introduction   WEBCON BPS 2021 introduces new functionality of grouping rows of item lists. Now, users can collapse and expand groups and display subtotals when the column has been configured to display totals. This article describes how to configure and use this option on an example of a simple subscription management (...)

(...) to give everyone ample time to plan and make the jump to newer versions, we prepared this handy Roadmap for future platform compatibility. The table shows what components are currently supported for WEBCON BPS 2021, and when we plan to end support for them. The second half shows the minimum platform version required for WEBCON BPS 2022 at launch (Please note that SharePoint and Windows Server will also need ver (...)