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One of the most important development changes in WEBCON BPS platform in version 2019 is the introduction of a new presentation layer for the user – WEBCON BPS Portal. To complement this functionality, in environments working on the MS SharePoint platform, you can display WEBCON BPS Portal presentation elements directly on SharePoint websites using dedicated Web Parts: WEBCON Modern Web Parts. WEBCON Modern Web Parts is one of the platform’s installation components, it is in the default package for every installation type.

WEBCON BPS 2019 introduces the concept of applications – defined as logically connected business processes that share a presentation layer. This helps to create applications for specific needs in a comprehensive manner. Introducing this new approach in organizing processes also meant that changes needed to be made in the export/import mechanism. The following article presents the new features in the Export-Import mechanism, and how it treats applications.

Sometimes it’s needed to check at which stage of the process our subordinates are in currently. In this case, it is convenient to use the existing business entity structure. It allows us to extend the supervisor’s control over the tasks of their subordinates. For this functionality to be available you must define the source of the data structure of the company. In case it’s missing, an Active Directory domain will work instead. Using the business entity structure provides the superior with an overview, control, and the option to take over the tasks of his subordinates. This solution allows the work in the process to become more efficient.

The Choice field” form field is used for selecting a value from a set list of choices (either predefined, or loaded from a data source). Until now, there were two ways of selecting these values: from a drop-down menu (default) and through a separate “SharePoint picker” pop-up window (this option allows multiple values to be selected). Version 8.3 adds a new option to the list of Choice field behaviors: Autocomplete.

The Google Map form field allows us to place a map on the form with point marked on it. There is a limit however, to 3 such form fields per process.

The Advanced configuration of the Google Map field contains 3 variants. The point on the map can be set based on:

Coordinates – Enter the latitude and longitude divided by a “#” sign.
Address – Enter the address of where you want the mark to be placed.
Address (dynamic) – Use an SQL query, which will return an address, which will be marked on the map.

WEBCON BPS allows you to specify substitutions for users, which may be defined:
1) Globally – substituting person may perform the substituted person's tasks in all processes with the substitution option turned on.
2) Per process – substitution(s) can be defined per process. It is possible to indicate few substitutes for one user depending on the process in which they have tasks to perform.

The substitute is given a task in the form of substitution for the workflow instances with the active tasks and a possibility to modify them. Permissions are not being substituted. If the user has permissions to modify an instance but they do not have any tasks there, the system will not provide analogical permissions for the substitute.

Substitutions for the historic tasks (tasks already active at the moment of substitution start) are created by the workflow service according to schedule. For new tasks, substitution is created at the moment of assignment.

Starting with BPS version 2019, you can define substitutions on your Portal.