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With the new configuration options introduced in version 2021, you can use prefix and suffix to enter the currency code or value. However, any information can be added there, allowing for interesting combinations and enhancing the form’s clarity. Read this article to learn how to use this functionality.

WEBCON BPS 2021 introduces the mechanism of diagnostics and recording the behavior of the form and other elements of WEBCON BPS Portal. This mode is a successor to the old Debug mode which was used to track all modifications that impact the visual layer. 

This functionality toggles a diagnostic mode in WEBCON BPS Portal, which registers all invocations on the form, i.e., form rules, JavaScript, editability, visibility restrictions, etc. (see full list below). Diagnostic mode is activated in the user menu by selecting the "Show diagnostics" option. All WEBCON BPS Portal users have access to it.

Thanks to this, finding the cause of an error or incompatibility in a process operation is faster and easier. Any user can record a session and forward it to the administrator. System Administrators and Application Administrators have full access to recorded sessions, which allows them to analyze the problem faster and more conveniently.   

Along with the introduction of the new version of WEBCON BPS 2021, changes in the graphical appearance of the portal have also been made. The new WEBCON BPS 2021 Portal appearance increases the ergonomics of using the platform and enables even greater graphic personalization of the application. This article describes the most important visible differences compared to the 2020 version. On the main page of the platform, the favorites elements (applications, reports, etc.) are displayed as tiles, similar to the "Frequently used applications" section.

This article presents the functionality of Favorites available in WEBCON BPS 2020 and the new way of displaying these elements in version 2021. Now, they are not only a list of shortcuts, but you also see them as tiles on your Portal's Home page.

Every element from the  BPS Portal can be added to Favorites. Because of that, you can create shortcuts to reports, views, buttons launching a specific workflow, and many more. With WEBCON BPS 2021, you can conveniently start workflows and open reports from the Portal's home page. 

WEBCON BPS 2021 has introduced new appearance and display options that allow you to further customize your application's start buttons. Thanks to them, you can 1) save on space in your application's dashboard by using the compact mode for buttons, 2) choose any background color for a button, 3) hide a button directly from the Portal (without opening the Designer Studio). Read this article if you want to learn how you can use those new options.

In business practice, it may be necessary to grant access to WEBCON BPS Portal and its processes to users from outside the organization. Such a user will most often not have an account in the organizational Active Directory (or in another user database). Examples of such situations: processes of negotiating contracts with contractors, employment of subcontractors and contract employees or consultation with external consultants. So that external users do not have to be added to the organizational user database, WEBCON BPS allows you to add them from the portal’s administration panel. After adding the user, they must be granted appropriate privileges to the required WEBCON BPS processes.

In WEBCON BPS 2021 there is the ability of adding a link in the Portal’s side menu, which will redirect you to a specified page. This article describes how to add a link to the side menu. The additional navigation link allows you to add to the WEBCON BPS Portal navigation bar, e.g. a link to the organization’s website, intranet, important information for users or a link to another BPS Portal instance. Remember that after clicking on the link, a user will be redirected to the indicated address (a new browser window/tab will not be opened).

The WEBCON BPS platform has mechanisms for importing and exporting application templates between environments, e.g., test and production environment or WEBCON BPS On-Premises and the Cloud Platform environment. One of the possible uses of this functionality is testing your application in the test environment, exporting the application template, and then importing it to the production environment.

Read this article to learn how you can export and import applications in WEBCON BPS.

ADFS Customization

ADFS is one of the authentication providers that can be used with WEBCON BPS Portal. This article explains how you can customize your login page when you use ADFS. Before you can customize your login page, you need to have your WEBCON PORTAL registered in ADFS. To start, let us take a look at two default themes provided by Microsoft in Windows Server 2019. If you have an older version of Windows Server, go to the last section of this article, download the theme we link to, upload it to your server and then return here to follow the instructions on customizing your login page


One of the WEBCON BPS basic features is pairing scanned documents with their electronic version (based on barcodes) and starting new workflows for files added to the configured folder – HotFolder. This article describes how to configure the HotFolder and check the service configuration. HotFolders enable the efficient implementation of many processes in the organization. If you have many different specialized applications, you can create many configurations of HotFolders to support them. By properly configuring network scanners, you can define what processes will be launched from which scanner code.