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ADFS Customization

ADFS is one of the authentication providers that can be used with WEBCON BPS Portal. This article explains how you can customize your login page when you use ADFS. Before you can customize your login page, you need to have your WEBCON PORTAL registered in ADFS. To start, let us take a look at two default themes provided by Microsoft in Windows Server 2019. If you have an older version of Windows Server, go to the last section of this article, download the theme we link to, upload it to your server and then return here to follow the instructions on customizing your login page


One of the WEBCON BPS basic features is pairing scanned documents with their electronic version (based on barcodes) and starting new workflows for files added to the configured folder – HotFolder. This article describes how to configure the HotFolder and check the service configuration. HotFolders enable the efficient implementation of many processes in the organization. If you have many different specialized applications, you can create many configurations of HotFolders to support them. By properly configuring network scanners, you can define what processes will be launched from which scanner code.

WEBCON BPS offers you the ability of importing data to the item list from an Excel file and exporting rows from the item list to an xlsx file. This article describes the configuration of importing/exporting data. Data import to the item list form field allows you to speed up the process of entering multiple data. The properly prepared data files from other systems allow you to store information in one application form. To enable import/export, go to the advanced configuration of the form field, and select the option in the “General” tab - Allow Excel export and Allow Excel import. When importing rows, not all imported fields need to be visible on the form. You can also import columns that are not visible at a given step.

This article shows you how to automatically create a new SharePoint site with just one click from a WEBCON BPS form.

You will see that you can connect your SharePoint Online environment with WEBCON BPS to obtain a consistent and easy-to-use tool that will allow you to create and expand your business applications. You will need to define the connection only once, and after that you can use WEBCON BPS out-of-the-box actions to quickly achieve your goals.

The WEBCON BPS platform enables simple integration with the SharePoint Online environment. After defining the connection in Designer Studio, you have many actions at your disposal that allow you to create sites and operate on lists.

This article describes actions that enable linking the WEBCON BPS application with the content on SharePoint Online. Below you can see an overview of the actions we are going to discuss.
Using WEBCON BPS Designer Studio and SharePoint, you can also create SharePoint groups, manage their members and add SharePoint privileges.

To increase the ergonomics and readability of the form with a large number of rows in the item list form field, one of the options is to color every other row. WEBCON BPS has grayscale coloring enabled by default. You can personalize this color using the “For whole row” color mode. The alternative row coloring makes it easier to see an item list form field with multiple rows. Entering your own color allows you to use an additional personalization option for WEBCON BPS.

The "Hyperlink" action type enables you to place a button in the form bar. This button can be used to launch a specific WEBCON BPS workflow, which can be a sub workflow of the current Workflow. It can also link to other relevant information, e.g., documentation for the process or guidelines that should be taken into consideration before submitting the form.

The button can be available on all steps of the Workflow or just at the selected one(s). If it launches a sub workflow, it will be automatically connected to its parent instance, and you can pass values to initialize fields in the new instance.

Interested? Then continue reading to learn how to configure a button that starts a workflow from the form.

The “Multiple lines of text” form field allows you to add space to the form where more text can be saved. Depending on the configuration, this form field can be used as a text field with multiple lines of text or an advanced editor to store formatted text. One of the possible uses of this form field is creating simple communication between people using the application or collecting a lot of information in one place.

This article describes how the append mode works for a form field with multiple lines of text.

Calculated columns enable you to display additional information in WEBCON BPS reports. They are created by adding a new column in the report and then inserting a SQL formula. They allow the report to be supplemented with additional fields that are not present in an application. A calculated column only works within a given report.

Creating a calculated column: open the report in which you want to add a column, press the settings button, and then go to the "Columns" tab. Then, press the button "Add calculated column."A new column configuration window will be displayed.

With WEBCON BPS, you can color the background of the item list form field. This functionality can facilitate data interpretation and increase transparency when presenting a lot of data.
This article will present the available options for coloring the background of the item list.
Go to the coloring settings, open the item list form field, and then go to the advanced settings. After switching to the "Layout" tab, you will see available options for coloring rows under the Color mode. You can choose from three color modes:
• for the entire row,
• for selected columns,
• defined in the query.