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Hi everyone, after creating an application i right-clicked on it and chose "show application in process". Unfortunately, only a blank page is displayed instead of the Standard Form. What could be the reason? Does anybody have an idea how to fix this? PS: 1) i noticed, that i unfortunately took the root path as Portal URL - because the installer proposed it and i unfortunately did not change it (see image below). root/Webconbps is the same path where the designer studio portal is located. M (...)

Hello everyone, because the first installation attempt did not work out (login problems webcon designer studio), i uninstalled webcon and sharepoint. I installed Sharepoint 2016 again and also the latest security update. Now the installer does not recognize the sharepoint web parts (see picture below). Did anybody have this issue yet? Do you have any idea how to fix this? Is it ok, to skip this? Kind regards, Christian

Hi everyone, i installed WEBCON WITHOUT integrated authentication. Unfortunately, i skipped the step, where you have the option to setup a Windows User (see pic 1) - the manual said, it is not required (even though recommended). Now i cannot log into the Webcon BPS Designer Studio. Do you have an idea, how to setup the Windows authentication Connection to the Database afterwards - without integrated authentication? Thank you for your help.

Hello Community, i tried to install the newest version of WebCon on a server as - Sharepoint/Full Trust installation - WEBCON BPS Portal + WEBCON BPS Classic package (We first installed the .NET Hosting Bundle 1.9, then the System compontents check displayed that Version 2.1 is required.) When clicking on the "Warning-Sign" next to "not installed", it shows the the alert (see below in the screenshot). AFTER installing the .NET Hosting Bundle 2.1, the Warning Sign is still there. What coul (...)

Hello everyone, I'm need help. I did an express installation. When trying to connect either by browser or webcon desing studio, I can't authenticate. I'm using the same user as the installation

Hi community! Maybe this is a silly question, but I'm asking it anyway ;-) In Webcon BPS management tools one has to provide a portal URL, so this looks like a fixed Url for the whole portal. Is it possible to run the same Webcon BPS Portal with different URLs pointing to different applications on the same server for different use cases? I mean this should be only a question of DNS resolving to the same IP right? For example we have 2 different Webcon applications on the same server: 1. ap (...)

Dear Forum, We have completed our test installation of webcon environment but can't connect to designer with https. Webcon portal, and main access to system works through https but with designer we're getting an error that portal is not under that address. when we switch to http it works. Where do we change this setting for designer?

We are in the process of setting up Sandbox environment. Installed 2021.1.2.136 version successfully , Activated temporary license received from webcon and activated it. When tried to login to Designer studio initially , it's giving that "No rights for designer Studio " message. How can I assign designer studio access? Not sure what is missing.

Hello Webcon community! We are wondering if there exist any common approaches / tools / patterns for transferring workflow data between different environments. We have an on-premise environment for DEV (with internal AD) and an environment for PROD (which resides in Azure VM and connects to Azure AD). What are your experiences to sync data, e.g. from PROD to DEV or TEST between different environments (different ADs) and is there even an easy way of how to do it? Thanks a lot in advance for (...)

Dear Community, we have installed WEBCON BPS Standalone and published it through Azure AD Application Proxy. We are synchronising users in BPS with on-premises Active Directory. Currently we experience timeout issues after some time of inactivity on WEBCON BPS site. Sometimes it's few minutes, sometimes about 1 hour. See example in attachments. Please notice that WEBCON BPS and SQL Server (VMs) are placed in Azure. Does anyone experience same issues? Any feedback is more than welcome :)

Hello Webcon community! We have the next issue during Webcon BPS installation on customers server. This is a normal on-premise installation, no Azure AD involved here, only local domain. Customer had an invalid certificate, IIS website creation failed with error 0x80070520, so we skipped the IIS site creation for the moment. I have 2 questions on this: 1.) What kind of IIS certificate does the customer need and how to create it (self-signed, private key, encryption method, password, ...)? Do (...)

Hello Webcon community! We already tried several times to install Webcon BPS an a local machine (latest Webcon BPS version 2021 1.2.108). If it comes to IIS application creation, we select https and setup refuses to show wildcard certificate, which was previously installed to personal store for local machine. The cerificate is showing in IIS, certmgr (Personal -> Certificates), but is not selectable in Webcon BPS installation. We cancelled setup and tried new installation (after dropping all (...)


Hello everyone, before you install/upgrade BPS check the default schema of the database user under which the installation/upgrade will be executed. Make sure that the default schema is dbo. If this is a different schema new objects may be created using this schema. This may lead to unexpected errors later on which will be hard to debug. Here's a little script to change it. SELECT name AS [Name], SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id) AS schema_name, type_desc, create_date, mod (...)

Hi guys, I'm totally new to WEBCON. I tried to install Webcon Express 2021, all looks fine but when I go to set up Portal URL I can't understand what kind of address I have to type. Read few times manual but I can't understand. Tried several things but I can't connect to WEBCON BPS 2021 Designer Studio. Any advice and recommendations are welcome.

Is it possible to change the type of environment from PROD to TEST? Due to the expansion of the server room, we would like to transfer the production environment to another server, and leave the current one as a test environment. Is there a procedure to migrate the PROD -> TEST environment and export the application to the new PROD environment?

Hi, Is there any solution to reset 'solr' password in running WEBCON 2020 Standalone installation? Regards.

Hi everyone! This is not my first installation of WebCon BPS, but it is the first time I experienced this error. Everything worked fine until Users list configuration step. When I try to configure the local AD as source for synchronization, I receive the error "The parameterized query '(@Email nvarchar(4000),@DisplayName nvarchar(4000),@BpsId nvarch' expects the parameter '@DisplayName', which was not supplied." I assume, that for one of my service accounts the property display name is not se (...)


Hi, Is there a way of installing on the same machine multiple versions of the designer studio? That would be great when working with remote/local designer and when your customers have different versions of WEBCON. Thanks!